Looking to get in early

Hey guys,

I haven’t been around much lately other than checking in here and there. Mostly silent though. I recently got a new computer and can finally run whatever I want rather than being stuck running older games(hallelujah). I see some games in this forum obviously but what are your suggestions for games most ready to jump in now? I don’t mind spending money to get in on the right game, whether it be in Alpha, Beta, or just launched.

I will list some of my interests to help out…

(1) - I’m more of a PVE player rather than PVP. I’m not anti-PVP but it seems like the games that heavily feature that always end up being P2W even though they all swear they won’t be. I’d be more inclined if it was subscription based but again, PVP just seems like it becomes toxic eventually. A nice mixture of the two however is fine.

(2) - I’ve played about every MMO ever made. Pretty close to all of them at least. The only ones that I haven’t enjoyed as much are the ones where you control a spaceship(EVE, STO). They were fine games and I liked some of the mechanics quite a bit, but at the end of the day, I just want to control a single character - something that I can see the armor they wear and such.

(3) - I’d prefer it if there was the option to play solo at times. I enjoy grouping but finding a group isn’t always a sure thing, so I like to be able to venture off on my own if need be or if my time is short and I don’t want to bail on a group quicker than they may expect.

Any help or suggestions would be great. I’ll be glad to put in some extra research once I get a few suggestions and I look forward to hearing them! Thanks guys.

WoW jumps to mind (and not just because I rejoined to play classic when it’s released). The Current version (often called retail) is easy to level up solo and goes quickly. I was able to get a character to 60 without grouping once and didn’t need to run a dungeon. I just didn’t feel like going all the way up to level 120 when I was just killing time waiting for Classic to drop. There are pay options that boost you to level 110 if you don’t want to grind it out and I believe the subscription is $15 on a month to month but cheaper if you buy it in 3/6/12 months. It’s also free to play up to level 20.
I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would although the quality of life improvements was nice over what I remember from Lich King expansion when I stopped playing. You may enjoy it and at least it’s free until you hit 20. Classic doesn’t drop until August 26th but it will also be available under the same subscription price so you don’t need to pay twice for the game.

I’ve played WoW and enjoyed it for the most part. I actually have a level 90-something Warrior. I just haven’t played in a year and a half or so. I was thinking of going back for Classic because the first time I played WoW was probably 4 years or so after it launched, so I’d like to get an idea of what it was like from the jump.

Looking for games on the newer side though. I’ve tried pretty much every game that’s been out for any period of time, even what I would consider some of the newer ones like BDO.

Thanks for the response, I definitely appreciate it.