Looking for feedback

Trustee, Age 93 in July, is still doing fine, but slowed down and play games at my own pace. Not as nimble and active as I used to be. Mostly I’ve been goofing around in eso with well developed characters.

I’m looking for a good game to play on my pc. I would value and appreciate any suggestions that my old gaming friends would care to make. Thanks and good gaming.


I guess it depends on if you are wanting another MMO or just some single player games.
If you enjoy MMO’s, I’d recommend Guild Wars 2. I’ve enjoyed it immensely since starting it a few months ago and there are plenty of low intensity builds that don’t require you to play piano on the keyboard to do well with.

For single player games, I would recommend BattleTech, Per Aspera, Wartales and Wildermyth. All games that use mouse/keyboard. I would also recommend Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, Star Wars :Jedi Fallen Order and MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries. All games that can be played with a controller (which is how I play them because of arthritis).

These are my top suggestions. There’s plenty more older and newer games out there that I think are still great. What type of games do you enjoy the most or are looking for?

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Hi Trustee,

I’m not sure if you’ve played Star Wars : The Old Republic (and its followup expansions), but I find it a very fun game because:

  1. Each class has it’s own story up to level 60, so it’s not the same old stuff day in and day out.
  2. I like the ‘cut-scene’ approach because I find it more engaging than reading a quest. I also like the way you can make choices that impact the way the games plays and ends.
  3. It’s a game that is very easily solo’ed, which I do because I don’t get to play often. You can also join other groups to do group things like Flashpoints, World Bosses, etc., so best of both worlds. People are super nice in this game.
  4. You can level up crafting (and I love crafting), making useful items for yourself or to sell. I like it that most of the useful recipes are not gated behind plays that I can’t do alone.
  5. And finally, there is so many different things to do that I feel like I haven’t scratched the surface. I haven’t started any of the Starship missions. I’m looking forward to that.

Anywho, I feel that it’s a fun game, you can go as fast or as slow as you want, and you can change the outcome of the game based on whatever choices you make on your missions.

Happy gaming, Trustee. Mid

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