Logo changes on Battle.net launcher

My Bnet launcher has changed. It was the usual green design last night and earlier today when I checked on one of my characters and decided to clean out the variables file in my WTF folder, however, upon reloading I was looking at a “bright blue and white biohazard” design in its place.

I panicked thinking I had somehow gotten some sort of malware on my system…only to discover after checking the properties that it belonged to (\Battle.net\Battle.net Launcher.exe) located in my program files. I then searched for the “change icon” option only to find there was no other icon available for the launcher.

I wonder if anyone at Bliz actually realized their new design looked very similar to a biohazard icon albeit a different color?

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This started rolling out back in late January:

From what I can tell, they’re moving quite slowly with those roll outs too. I’m not even sure the icon and the launcher features changed at the same time, lol.

My bnet launcher logo changed today after I logged off to fix something in my WTF folder. So when I logged back in that is what I saw…it surprised me to the point I thought I had picked up malware connected to my bnet account.

Good thing I checked the properties to see the logo address belonged to Bliz. I did know that the launcher itself changed for me a while ago so it was a surprise to see that logo swap so suddenly with no change to my actual launcher setup.