Latest news on Character Creations offered for Shadowlands

I ran in to this video and as I watched the presenter show off the new character creation screens, I noticed that the Horde side had 12 races offered while Alliance is offered only 10 races. The only race offered for both sides is the Pandaran.

Why is there such a disparity? I don’t understand why Bliz does not offer even amounts of races between both groups. But I went ahead and watched it. I found that the character creation is actually more fluid than the current setup and am happy over that. But I would like to see more races offered for the Alliance than what I see here.

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Your missing the Kul Tiran & Worgen races, which might be a new subset of Human race customization or they were not done with new models at this point in Alpha.

Both sides will have 12 races to pick from.

Oh thanks Macneel, I totally forgot about those two. :grin:

Just really pleased with the slider capability to adjust things. And it appears to be more expansive which will add a lot of new combinations to our characters. Looking forward to this feature.

Hope they add it in the barber shop for veteran players’ current characters so we can update those we already have.