KDF Invite

Hi. Its been awhile since i played but just got back into STO. If possible, I would love to get an invite for the KDF . @Medemous. Thanks!

FYI the OTG chapter on KDF is called Tuq Shakhu.

medemous@Medemous is not of the same alliegance, it says.

You need to include your Character@Medemous name for an invite to be sent. If you have more than one character you need to list each one. STO is old school. Your account is not invited s a whole to a Fleet. It is done on a Character by character basis.

And if you want to see what your @ name is open up a mail and go to compose. It will show you it there some people have numbers tacked on at the name and those have to be included or not invite will work.


Sorry its been a while. Xanatos Elquinar@Medemous, and Darius@Medemous.

Thank you!

Invites sent, welcome!

Promoted, Completed @Benbrada