Just created your New Forum account? Already an OTG member and want to see all the member-only stuff?



Hey, old member here. Name had been Veneska on old forums. Didn’t know the names needed to match til after I made the account. Would like to change to just Ven if possible if not Veneska is fine. Was in both WoW guilds at some point and a few other games.



Send me a PM on the old forums to cross-check your names and we’ll get things squared up. Here’s a link for you: https://forum.oldtimersguild.com/privatemessage/index


PM sent


Got it! Thanks!


Just joined the new forums same user name as old forums. Need verification in Discord also please.


Coming over from old website. Same user name in both. Love the new site!


Hello I have returned! Can I please come back in?


Hello All
I’m Back…lol… Saw new forum system and re-registered my same old OTG Name… Would love to have my access restored. :slight_smile:


Thank you :smiley:


Hello, Cherish here. Returning OTG member from old forums and previous games. Would like to have member status here please. Thank you.


Hi, it’s Dawn here. Just created my account on this site. Same name as the old site. I’m in the WoW guild (alliance). Please reactivate my member status. Thanks!


Hi. Old member just getting here. This is a new name, my old user name Was billy_the_squid. Please can you fix me up, metaphorically speaking ofc :blush:


You’ll be getting a Private Message from me to help get this straightened out! Look for it as a green number up on your Avatar!



Old member returning from the brink! Looking to see if I can get my access restored. Username is overbyte.
Used to be in GW2 and Rift guilds.


I’m from the old forum. Should be same username and stuff.


GW2 OTG member here. I’d love to have member access, please.


Wow - i am reaaaaalllly slow on the uptake - only about 5 months late to notice the change over - despite logging in several times a week. facepalm

but all good - started looking at doing some new games - at least for me - i hear World of Warcraft has a bunch of content and I have never tried it before - maybe now is the time!

hope eveyrone is well and not too sick of porting slacker members over to the new forum. Have a great day

cheers - Yt-fog


Returning OTGer, i am using the same OTG name for both old and new site, requesting a re-invite to OTG please thanxz.


I created a forum but don’t know how so set up for ESO. Also Discourse to get to the ESO location. I’ve installed the program.
OTG Member since 2014.



Member from years ago looking to play again (played guild wars 2 and Darkfall 2). Name is Drazen.