July 23rd Beta

Do we have an OTG plan for the 23rd or should we go with a wait and see how it goes approach? With the server wipe before release on Aug 25th it would be for the beta duration only and we would have to form all over…assuming we can form at all in this particular beta round.

Once the 23rd rolls around, I know myself and a few others will be hanging in the OTG discord while playing. I just want to test as much as possible, so I am familiar with all the mechanics and know what weapons i want to use for the full release.
So we will see how it goes if we can even get a Company up and running for the beta. If not at least we can play together. Also of those who are going to be all in on the game once it releases, I will be looking for a few volunteers to be officers, once we do get a in game company up and running.

New World delayed until Spring 2021:

I’m assuming this also delays the July 23rd date too? Reads like it definitely does.
Makes this a lot less interesting.

I just read something on twitter That seemed to say release was being bumped to spring 2021. Beta pushed back too… But the post made it seem that alpha and preorder folks would be able to play the game As it currently is starting Aug 25th

That would be correct. And the Aug 25th “in its current state” is for however long it lasts.

I got an email from Amazon about it.