It's an air purifier

This story just goes to show you that sometimes gamers are so desperate for a new PlayStation that they fib to their spouses about the usefulness of the PS. Let one man’s tale be cautionary because it could cost more than you expect.

Wife sells his PlayStation 5 after she discovers he lied and said it was an air purifier

It’s an Air Purifier

That is funny :joy:

Oh and that site tried to block me for being in the EU but my vpn beat Fox back

Yea, I’m not a fan of Fox News either because I do not consider them a bona fide news organization, just propaganda and entertainment bs. Surprised they block anyone considering their reputation, but hey, vpn is the hammer these days. :rofl:

As for the dude who lied about the PS unit, I have no sympathy for him. It just goes to show you that lies will always have consequences, always. :joy:

The reason Fox blocks people from the EU is because they don’t want to adhere to EU laws :slight_smile: