It appears WOW is experiencing a server error

I know that the game is experiencing a down window today for updates, but I can’t even get to their regular forum pages to browse information on updates or responses to discussions. All I get is a blank page after I attempt to log in to my account with the following error message (not even a number is assigned to it).

Internal Server Error

yea cant log in for me and my wife. is doing maintenance till 12 PM PST or 3PM EST. Guess i will go watch a movie or something… And then they wow has maintenance tomorrow at normal hours for 3 hours… WTH

At this point I keep getting authentication error messages when I try to log into my account. So it appears you can read their forums but you cannot log into your account.

I was not aware it was going to be all day today. I thought it would be back up around noon EST…but for some reason I thought they would be down only half the day. Judging by your comment its going to be the entire day for the east coast folks since there is a 3 hour time difference from Pacific time zone for east coast folks.

I just tried to login and got in, trying to catch me a blanchy

I tried it shortly after 4pm (EST) and was able to log in, but as sleepy as I was, I took a nap. Needed a nap especially since raid is this evening. Did not want to fall asleep then and run off the platforms…that would not have gone down well. :rofl:

death by elevator

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Oh we have lost of those in our wakes… :rofl:
…not to mention twitchy fingers that twitch us off the edge of ledges too. :worried:

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well it appears they needed another 2 hours to maintenance today… Wont be back up till 12PST 3EST… oh well. Maybe they added more death gates in the raid…

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

TBC Is getting Guild banks and a couple of end game dungeons…

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