Is there an OTG Rockstar crew? (GTA/RDR)

I saw a couple mentions in a thread about there being a couple OTG crews on the Rockstar Social Club, but I haven’t seen anything about how to join them.
Does anybody know if we do? My gf and I have been playing a lot of GTA since it was the free game on Epic and we’d like to hook up with a friendly crew so we don’t have to worry about hackers or people in Oppressors blowing up my valuable guns :slight_smile:

Well, in case anyone in the guild is looking for a group, I have a crew called Unholy Rapture, it’s a small group of IRL friends but we’re open to other people who are looking to have a good, quiet time causing mayhem in the streets.

With the upcoming Dec. 15th update with a new heist and area, I’d like to try and get more people from the guild together to get ready for it, and to play the new content when it launches. Everyone is welcome to join my existing crew. I’d be interested in starting an OTG Rockstar crew, but I’m not sure if I’m a responsible enough adult to take that responsibility on by myself, even if it is for a game that probably not many people play…