Is Black Desert Mobile Worth a Try?

I have been using Bluestacks fora while to play STar Wars Galaxy of Heroes on my laptop and I keep seeing ads for Black Desert. I am currently a member of OTG for EQ2 but lately I have not had the time to really play an on-line MMORPG. Does BD mobile work well for folks with limited time?

Thanks for the feedback. Oh I guess I would have to do an intraguild app if I decide to give it a try?


I personally think it is amazing for a mobile. I have had a lot of fun with the content, and it helps there is afk options you can close the app during and the game will continue to either grind enemies, fish or gather. It is very nice for those busy days at work.

Definitely worth a shot IMO. :slight_smile:

Yeah it is great if you have limited time, no doubt!

I took the plunge and installed it in Bluestacks. Now I need to see how I can join OTG.

Elbrin has always been a caster but there was no gender choice so I made a witch named Elbrina. They also would not let me use my normal last name of Stargazer so I had to go with my backup which is Starchaser, but I had to use two “r”’s. So now my family name is Starrchaser.

I will poke around the forums and see what I need to do to get a cross-chapter invite. I originally joined OTG for EQ2.

Be well all. Thanks for the feedback.



You can autoplay in a “sleep” mode and even play the game with the app closed lol

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Late response. You’ve probably already decided.

I’ve been playing the 8 days since launch. On Bluestacks. I played BDO up to a few years ago. I find this is vastly less time consuming. And there is a learning curve. Lots of auto available but that’s best in travel and grinding for extended hours. My pets last about 4 hours. Otherwise only limitation is pots running out for HP. I like not using phone to not tie it up but mostly playing on laptop is vastly easier to see with Old eyes and keyboard/mouse far better than delicate finger taps on a screen. And you can be fine with F2P. I only spent $20 total to get extra pets with the hunter packages. You could be patient and get with in game coins. Of course there are whales but I also like, at 54 now. the choice to have open PvP. I think that may change after 55. New expansion opened up to 60. Lots of videos available from folks who played 2 years on Korean server and then checked out soft launch to compare for a few months.

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