Is anyone still playing The Repopulation?

I know this game went through some hard times but Steam lets me know that for the last 3 months there have been regular updates. Are their any OTG members playing the game?

I backed this game in the original Kickstarter before it was cancelled and subsequently reborn. I have been popping in briefly from time to time to see how the progress is coming. It’s going slowly but surely, hoping this ends up seeing a polished release in the future. I’m not really playing it much per say though as I’m at a point in life where I get burnt out playing alphas and betas for too long. I have so many games to play through or I am playing currently that it’s hard for me to invest much time into The Repopulation as early along as it is yet.

What is your name ingame, I’ll try and look you up next time I’m checking it out. I know there is a handful of folks at least scattered around OTG that are aware of the game or dabbling in it currently.

You could reach out to @Landru also. I believe he is the game lead?

Thanks both. I am playing as Nazdreg, but will likely need to role up a new character - will keep that name though.

I drop in from time to time, played a bit with Landru… 2 years ago? Man…

But yeah. It’s playable, mostly, and they’re actually working on it. It’s kind of a very weird situation they’re in.

I still check in every once in a while. I ran around the new starting area for a few minutes after that update was released. You will find the most information on the Repopulation Discord channel under general chat. They answer some questions on the Steam discussion page too.

This game has been a roller coaster for sure. The foundation of the game was so bad that it took them two years of work just to be able to get the game code to talk to the current servers. Sorry, I never learned to code so I don’t speak that language. After the Hero Engine engineers figured that out, they were able to start working on game updates. They are slowly coming out now.
I think there are 2 or 3 people working on the game. Sarrene, the lead dev has been having health issues lately so her ability to work has slowed down a bit. Earlier this year or late last year she had a water pipe break (or something water related. I can’t remember now) in her apartment/office. It ruined the main computer she was working on The Repop with. So that slowed/stopped development.
Anything you read about the game will be or is now out of date. All systems will be redone at some point.

I wish I felt more optimistic about the future of the game. I just don’t see it ever being released. I could be wrong though.

If you would like invited in to the OTG Nation (guild) let me know. We can work out a time to get it done.

Thanks Landru, I’ll catch up on the discord channel first and then try and connect with you.

The game idea is still promising…but if the practical reality of the resources available are too limited it may never end up reaching its potential.

Thanks all for the info!

I hate to agree with you on this, but I do.

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