Is anyone still playing Guild Wars 1?

I recently installed this and have been playing here and there. Mostly this is a game I play solo, but I was curious if anyone else in OTG is playing. It’s kind of amazing how well this game holds up.

I have it… Somewhere… But I generally gave up after I got stuck on a blade of grass for the 20th time :smiley:

It is difficult for sure. That was one of the reasons I was reaching out: if I get stuck, it would be nice to phone a friend :sweat_smile:. But that’s also one of the things I’m enjoying. I like the skill system, and how you need to mix things up depending on what you’re doing. I have been playing GW2 since beta, and while it is one of my favorite games, I take breaks from it because there’s not much variety in skills per character.

That’s another thing I’ve been enjoying about GW1: I never really got into it in its prime, and so it’s really neat seeing all the lore from before the GW2 timeline.

I’d love an excuse to load it up again, so shoot me a message if you run into tricky bits. My wife and I started working through it again a while back during a slow time in GW2.

One of my very favorite games! First ‘fantasy’ mmo for me after playing FPS. Love the graphics and the music. Liked it better than GW2 but no… I no longer play it.

Thanks, I will!