iPhone XR

Does anybody have an iPhone XR? I’m probably going to get it.

its this one:

i have an iPhone XR.

how do you like it. I ordered mine in red. I should get it later today. They were out of red ones and I didn’t want the other colours…lol

i like it for the most part but the only downfall i have seen is that if you use a debit card to purchase things make sure you REMOVE it afterwards. i had someone from India try to steal my apple id and i had to change my password. other than that its fairly easy to navigate and use. Also make sure you spend the descent penny on a good case it will save you in the long run the glass loves to break easily.

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Just got it!! My first iPhone :slight_smile:

err iTunes (PC) is downloading an update. It’s 3.24GB 1 have IOS 12.3.1 and the update is IOS 12.4 Do updates usually get this big? I’m glad it’s downloading it on my PC. Is there a way to tell the iPhone to use wifi only if connected instead of my carriers data plan? Sure I have 18gb data but if updates are that big I don’t want it downloading it by using up my data.

the updates are a pain but if they arent donr the phone will not operate properly. And that i am aware of i think it downloads when it wants to but i think you can set it in the settings. i wont update mine unless im around the internet. i believe you can also set it for what times you want them to take place as well … if im not mistaken

plus i wanted a red one myself but when i bought it they didnt have any in stock.

They went above and beyond and found me a red one…lol It is Canada so that’s to be expected…lol

Updates only download when on Wifi as far as I know. I have the Iphone X max. I will double check that but I am 99% positive it is only on Wifi unless you do a manual install of the update.
I like the Iphone X. It is a pretty slick phone.

yup and its very speedy too. Much more responsive then my old Xperia Z5 Premium. I love the haptics as well.

dang i wish it was that easy for me lol