Interesting Article on Older Gamers

Found this one interesting.
Not sure I agree on a few points,
but interesting coverage on numbers.

What do you think…
Hits? Misses?


Nothing I disagreed with. I figure I’ll be playing with you old farts for years and years. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, that initial “I” in my last sentence refuses to capitalize. Weird, huh?

EDIT: And it fixed itself. Also weird.


Senior-gamergate! They left out us gals - humph! :smirk_cat:


Yea…but it would have been a much better article had they included us women gamers in the senior regions. But overall, I thought the article was very interesting and actually made very good points.

I’ll continue gaming as long as I’m interested and mostly to keep my eye-hand coordination going too. Besides, its fun for me to figure out ways to get around mobs on my lock since I do not have stealth. However, now that I have flying its much easier to traverse those different regions, even though occasionally I have to walk/run through areas where flying is not allowed.

I also found I sometimes forget I have flying now and continue to just ride along the ground, or in some cases just walking to see what I can find. There are some things you can miss even on a ground mount if you’re not careful.

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! I’m going to be 54 in a couple of months and I am never going to stop playing PC games!!! :smiley:

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Nice article, but would have been good had the written been or is a member of a guild that has older members so he could speak of his experience interacting with this age group. And he should have included some or a female gamer. Though the writer does include reference to a lady gamer when writing about David- “I had an online friend who I knew was a serious gamer — she’d even reviewed games for a magazine for a time — and I asked her to recommend a game and teach me how to play it,” he tells me.

You hit one of the difficulties i had with the article.
Some of my best in game buds in the past were chikas.

I’m glad the subject is getting some light of day though overall.
Everything has to start someplace and this was not a terrible start.

No, not a terrible start, but as with so many other issues we females are finally “ROARING” and coming out of the restrictive gate on the run. Although it appears only in a few countries that is not happening.

Still too much female repression and being ignored/belittled/deemed less than, for my peace of mind. I am such an independent soul that I bristle at those restrictions just because I am a female. My mom was an independent soul as well but she forced herself to be a quiet, behind the scenes protester …I think because she came from Australia and at that time things were vastly different than today.

I agree with this story , I’m a retired heavy equipment mechanic and a 9 year Navy Vet, I now work in a nursing facility as a Maintenance Director and we have a resident that plays Final Fantasy , though her rig is a PS 2, she plays everyday and is the most active resident we have, she’s 78.

I completely agree with the article. I’m 60 and have been around computers my whole adult life starting with “Fortran” in college. I’m not from the IT world, but I used computers in my profession for nearly 40 years. So it may seem odd that I only became interested in gaming about 3 years ago when I discovered Steam by accident. The reason I’m a Johnny-come-lately is because I had the wrong impression about gaming. I thought it was all FPS.
Godfrey’s quote is spot on when he says, “Since I often play with a fine whiskey by my side, I simply cannot compete with some 12-year-old with the reflexes of an insect.” LOL! You got that right! That’s why I figured it wasn’t worth my time. Of course that was before I knew anything about RTS and turn based strategy.

Another quote that hit home was John, “It always bugged me that people will sit and watch eight hours of television, but then say playing video games is a waste of time.” I can’t think of a better way to keep your mind sharp in retirement than immersing yourself in a good PC strategy game.