Interested in WoW Classic Officership? Join us for an informal chat on Discord! Sunday July 7th at 7 PM EST

Hello everyone!

We are hosting an informal fireside chat on Discord this Sunday at 7 PM EST in the Game Development Lobby!

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in knowing more about being an officer for the OTG WoW Classic group please come on out to this informal discord chat. We will be talking about the various types of officers we need, their roles, and who is interested! For those I have already talked to, this is an opportunity to chat in person and get to know each other a little.

Disclaimer: this chat does not replace any normal OTG officer vetting or recruitment processes. This is just an opportunity for people to chat about these roles and ask any questions that they might have.

Hope to talk to you Sunday!


Sorry I missed this I got side tracked with family stuff. Hope it went well.


Are you still needing officers. I missed the meeting because I was on a trip to get our fifth wheel in Ohio. I also can not do voice chat because I am mute but I would love to help out on either side. I am not picky about race. Please let me know.

Hey mate, sorry it took me so long to get back to you!

Absolutely I can find a role for you. Can we meet in Discord to just text chat back and forth? I don’t know of a text chat option here on the forums, beyond posts.

Mystron and Moriir can you join me for an informal chat on Discord this Sunday at 7:00 PM? Moriir, you can just listen in and text chat any questions / comments?

Yes, put it on my calendar for Sunday.

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