Interest Check and seeking comment - Star Trek Adventures

I would like to play this, at least for a 1-3 session game to see how it plays. Would prefer fellow Trek fans.

If anyone has any experience in this game - please post up about it and share what you think of it.

EDIT: Some basic facts about the game:

STA is a 2d20 system that uses some D6s and makes heavy use of token-trading to complicate or ease tasks (actions and challenges) that are done. It’s like Shadowrun or Deadlands, but without being a tactics RPG. The core book and current takes place mostly in 24th Century Trek, but there seems to be content for other eras.

I’m a huge trekkie, but unfortunately I just don’t have the time :frowning: Maybe someday…

I would totally watch/listen to the sessions though. And I’m considering purchasing this just because it looks like a cool encyclopedia of trek stuff!

This is using the 2d20 rule system?

Yeah - it uses up to 5d20 and some d6s from what I understand. I’m thinking of grabbing the core book, but I’m taking my time since new games for GMs tend to eat up more than the books lol

Example of the System (expanded for clarity):

"Example: Scotty is attempting to squeeze additional power out of the Enterprise’s engines.

His Target Number is his Control Attribute (11) and Engineering Discipline (4), for a target of 15, and he has a Focus in Starship Propulsion, and the Task has a Difficulty of 2.

He rolls two d20s, rolling a 4 and a 19:
the 4 scores two successes (thanks to his Focus in Starship Propulsion), while the 19 scores no success.

With a total of two successes, Scotty succeeds at his Task."


As well, this game is a lot like deadlands - the players and GM are trading off bennies.

Okay, well - I ordered the book. it was 54 bucks. I’m in! LOL

This coming Sunday night (Aug 9th) at 7PM EST I’ll be running a Tutorial Session in the OTG discord. We’ll be covering the basics of the game and learn how its structured and played. We might do some practice rolls or small situations just for fun. Everyone’s welcome.

I currently have about 6 episodes planned out. I will start a thread in about another week or so once I drum up some interest.

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Dibs on XO

Can I be an Emergency Medical Hologram that acts as the ship’sdoctor? I can even sort of sound like Robert Picardo.

So yeah, I haven’t chimed in all that much but after tonight’s Discord sit down I am definitely in for Sunday night. Bought the full Star Trek RPG Humble Bundle, got a lot of reading to do.

Wrong Thread


Yeah, I will make a formal thread for the table. Seems there’s interest enough to “build it and they will come”.