Inquiry concerning your FC


I’m interested in your FC, I’m a long time player of FF14 and while I took some breaks, i m always returning. I have almost all jobs at 70 or at 60 minimum.
I love my current FC but they are very casual and not at all interested in new primals/raids.
Are there learning and farming groups in your FC for the new content? I m a little wary of the party finder all the time and I want to learn with friends :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info,

There are some that enjoy the new raid content and push thru it. Others are more laid back. We don’t officially run raid content but there are some private groups guild members run. There are also some that do teaching raids form time to time. If you want I can pass your character name along to one of the static group leaders. They do have openings from time to time.

Airen (Ariki Ko FFXIV CO)