Indrik Mounts and Event Tickets

Initially, I thought the Indrik mount was available for a limited time. I had picked up the evolution lore paper at the Impresario, but it still didn’t click.

If you hit F1 in-game, you’ll find more evolution info about the mount under the Event section under Nascent Indrik Creation and Nascent Indrik Evolution. It appears that event tickets will continue into events next year and after creating the original Nascent Indrik, you’ll be able to evolve it 4 times into the Dawnwood -> Luminous -> Onyx - > Pure-Snow using special berries bought from the Impresario in later events.

You’ll need another Nascent Indrik if you want to evolve another and keep one of each evolution. If my math is correct, we’ll need 5 of each feather. Each evolution requires buying special berries from the Impresario with event tickets. Berries will be introduced in 2019 after the initial Indriks become available with the New Life Festival.

Find more info in-game in the F1 Help Menu (Events).
Here are a couple more info links:

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I read the news release about berries on the official site but I’m still confused. It sound like it takes 10 tickets to purchase each type of berry, but we need to purchase 4 different berries before we’re allowed to use one of them to evolve the indrik. What happens to the other three? Am I misunderstanding something?

The whole system seems way too complex for me to understand - especially the part about evolving more than one of them to different states (brain explodes) - but I want to try to understand at least this small part because I’d like to evolve mine at least once. I can’t PVP, so I may not be able to get enough berries in the first quarter and therefore miss the first evolution.

You’ll need four berries (of the same type) to evolve your Nascent Indrik. You can use any of the four berries to initiate the transformation, but all four berries of that type will be consumed. There are four berry types - one for each evolution of the Indrik. Once transformed, you’ll no longer have a Nascent Indrik, so four additional feathers are needed to create another. Once another Nascent Indrik is created, you can start buying the next set of berries to transform that one into another Indrik type.

The way it’s worded in the article is confusing, but it’s much like the feathers. You could use any one feather to create the Nascent Indrik, but all four were consumed in the process.

Here’s a link for everyone to the new article about Indriks and the 2019 events:

There is some almost contradictory info earlier in the article about whether previous berries will be available in subsequent quarters, but I’d go with the latter info and say not. So get your berries while you can!

It looks like all feathers will be available for all of 2019. I’m guessing a new mount(s) type will be available for tickets in 2020.

“Please note that the Indrik Berries you can collect each quarter will ONLY be available during that quarter. Previous Indrik Berries will not return once the next quarter has begun, meaning this is your only chance to acquire this specific evolution.”

Thanks, Petalwing! One part I think I understand that you didn’t mention is that the intention of the event is to evolve your single indrik 4 times (once each quarter), but they mention that it’s also possible to try to get more than one nascent indrik so that you can evolve different nascents into different evolutions. I don’t know the math involved, but it may not even be possible to get 4 nascent indriks and to evolve each one differently.

My understanding is that only the Nascent can evolve. So you need to get more Nascents if you want the other evolutions. That’s what I get from the drawing in the article. You can find that illustration in-game near the Impresario too.

The first version available in Q1 will be the Dawnwood. So once you evolve your Nascent indrik into Dawnwood indrik, you can start collecting feathers for another Nascent to evolve or to keep as Nascent. I’m sure you can’t have two Nascent indriks at the same time, so if you want the original Nascent, it’ll be the last set of feathers collected. So we’ll need 5 total of each feather type to get all four evolutions plus the original Nascent. …I think. :woman_shrugging: :laughing:

Looks like they’re moving the Mid-year Mayhem event up to January, so we’ll have another chance to check out the Impresario soon.

Ok, I’ll concede your point about only evolving nascent indriks. Some re-reading seems to confirm that. I thought I’d seen another illustration that showed evolved indriks being evolved into other indriks, but I think it was just an inaccurate mental image conjured up by my misunderstanding of the text.

As for the berries, I think we were both incorrect (unless I missed you saying this above). #3 on the page you linked shows that there are four distinct types of Dawnwood berries that are required to evolve the indrik into the Dawnwood Indrik. Those berries are acquired from separate events, but it sounds like the berries are kept around over multiple events each quarter (like the feathers were) so that people can “catch up” if they miss an event in the quarter. Once the quarter ends, all those berries go away and one can no longer get them to evolve their nascent indrik into a Dawnwood Indrik. This is what clarifies the perceived contradiction you mentioned. :slight_smile:

There might be something to that. I seem to recall two different illustrations in-game, but I’m not sure where I saw the other one.

There’s definitely some confusion in my wording. Same type of berry in regard to the evolution (Dawnwood, Onyx etc.), not four of the same berry.

The contradiction was from my misreading the article the first time. It mentions something like, “like the Indrik feathers in past events, upon the start of each new event, the Impresario will stock new berries and old ones.” Then a paragraph later, the sentence I quoted appears. :rofl: At first read, it seemed confusing.

Have there been any images released of what the evolved Indriks look like? I couldn’t find any. It seems that some people are assuming that the berries specify specific Indrik colors, but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence backing that up. We have no idea what the finished Indriks will look like or how the different berries will evolve them differently.

Every once in a while I realize that the devs are having us spend all this time, effort (and in some cases money) to acquire cosmetic items without having any idea what they will look like. I’m hard pressed to think of other situations where we’re so willing to spend this many resources on a possibly extremely disappointing mystery. “What could they be? I have to get them all, just in case they’re awesome.” Congrats, Zenimax Online. You’re playing us well.

Check out

That page also shows the in-game lore you can find by the Impresario, which doesn’t show the Indriks in color.

Not sure if the in-game pics are finalized, but I’ve used UESP since the late 90s for all ES info and it’s usually accurate.

Pity party - I’m going to miss out on Dawnwood. I’ve been out-of-state for the past two events and didn’t get tickets. Despite saying otherwise, I’m hoping Bethesda will allow us to get previous berries later this year. I’m going to try to do a heist today, but my 13" laptop isn’t built for gaming. :frowning:

Thanks for the link! At least now I can choose which ones I want to put the effort into and which ones I don’t.

I’m going to miss a bunch of the events, probably, due to not having the money to sub or purchase tickets in the Crown Store. That’s okay. I don’t need all 5 versions.

Tickets can be bought? Wow, I wasn’t aware of that.

I’ve only used crowns for the DLC. I was finally able to grab the Dark Brotherhood CE this time. I missed the event the past 2 years and kept waiting for a discount on it.

Tickets can’t be bought yet, but they’ve announced that they’re coming.

“Single Event Tickets will be available in the Crown Store on all platforms starting on March 21. They will be available for purchase during in-game event periods, and will also be giftable to other players from within the Crown Store. The first date range will be March 21 to April 2, during the Jester’s Festival.”

From the bottom of the March Crown Store Showcase.

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Tickets are 250 crowns each. That could add up to some serious cash.

Umm… Indrik Mounts?
Looked like, in the first post, were asking for financial help…
In-game money for the guild vendor, or RL money for the website?
EDIT: NVM… Was reading the header above! >_<