In need of new phone

I found out today that due to system and network upgrades and changes, my flip phone will effectively become a paper weight by November. My cell service notified me today I needed to upgrade my phone in order to retain my account active.

…sigh. I love my flip phone. My son is laughing at me because I am not fond of the new phones and their designs. I actually would love to have the flip phone that Gibbs from NCIS uses…that one is epic. But apparently no system out there will support it or mine.

So I have come here to ask folks for suggestions. Please keep in mind I do not text, I don’t feel like I need to carry around a miniature computer for internet access in my pocket when I have a perfectly good tower at home. Besides, being retired I truly do not need much because I rarely travel and when I do its to the grocery or doctor’s office or my occasional errands that take me out and about in my community.

I just need something that I can use to make phone calls. I don’t even need the camera function that comes with most. In all the time I’ve had my phone I did not realize I had a small camera capable of small pictures. I never used it. I have a camera for taking pictures.

Anyway, the other concern is how do you protect a hand held class card? It looks really odd to see folks with a glass card up to their ears and talking into it like the Queen of Diamonds lives there and answers your calls (just kidding). My current flip phone actually has a nice leather case to protect it from damage even on the rare occasion it slips and falls to the floor. I’ve not had any problems with mine breaking or scratching.

I know, I know, my son said I needed to walk into the next century tech for phone service. He keeps laughing at me and I am not amused.

I am mightily irritated because my service provider said I had to purchase a new phone (have you seen the cost of those silly pieces of new tech?) and although they offered me a $15 coupon towards purchasing one from them, that won’t even cover a replacement. I told them today when I called them that since they are changing their systems, they need to provide me with a new phone free of charge. After all, I have no control over their systems, they do.

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For the last 10 ish years I used a samsung phone that had a physical keyboard built in (most people thought it was a blackberry). And I used Tracphone as the carrier (just had to add minutes and time when I needed it). I ended up losing it one day while I was in training at my new job.

Work provided me with a IPhone 7 since I am sorta on call for problem tickets.

But my Home situation is such that I am likely going to be jumping around from place to place for a bit for living arrangements and I don’t want to deal with transferring a landline every time I have to move. So I went all in and got myself a smartphone. It wasn’t a flagship model but the next lower level. I don’t plan to jump on the I have to upgrade when a new model comes out conveyor belt.

Anyway, The first thing you might want to check is to see if any other cell phone carrier will still be supporting your flip phone. If one is upgrading they all probably are eventually but you might be able to get another year or three out of it.

The other thing you might try is what I did. I went onto Amazon and bought an unlocked phone with no carrier. Like I said I went with a tier 2 (mid one). But you might be able to find a smart phone that is 3 or more generations old that you can get at a better price then the new stuff any carrier is going to try to talk you into getting for x dollars a month for 2 years. In your case the price is the important thing rather than what it can do. If you don’t text and do anything like that now, then you probably won’t after you get the new smart phone.

There are cases for smart phones, not a lot of people use em since they have them in their hands constantly. I got one for my phone to protect it from drop damage and it had a screen protector as well. The problem you might find though if you go the older generation phone is you might have to hunt a little harder to find the ones that are available for the phone you wind up with.

Hope at least part of this might help you.

Thanks Mithinar, appreciate the feedback.

I am in a holding pattern at the moment. As soon as my son stopped laughing at me, he got serious and indicated he was looking into a family plan since he had to renew his own contract with Verizon. Now I’ve not used Verizon so I have no idea how they are for customer service or what they will, or will not, cover.

I shall look around anyway just to see what’s out there. Its just possible my son’s switch to a family plan won’t cost me any more than I already pay monthly for my current plan. So it will only be a phone that I shall have to look into getting.

Thanks again…appreciate the info you have provided. :smiley:

Here are Verizon’s Basic Phones for you to look at.

I have always had excellent customer service with Verizon. If you do get on your son’s family plan the cost to you should be around $40/mo. I have had multiple phones on my account and the other person only paid $40/month for their phone. I do not know if this has changed since the time I did it.

@lynspottery… My dad loves his flip phone… He just got a new one, a Kyocera DuraXTP. It has great sound and is virtually indestructible. It also has a removable battery.

I still have a flip phone Lyn- just gave up my Razor (oh so sad) for some Sony. I keep this one as my house phone and have a Blackberry for personal use.

Work gave me a Samsung smart phone. I only use this for phone and email related to work. No apps, no surfing.

I have AT&T and got my Dad a new flip phone- their Cingular flip 1 or flip 2. Dad and I don’t like it because you can’t change the ring tone and the ring volume is too low. But love the big buttons on it.

I had to give up my flip phone a couple of months ago.
I’m not a fan of Apple’s proprietary systems
I found out that Android is the world’s most popular mobile platform.
Android was made by Google so I went with the Google Pixel 3a XL. (XL larger screen, I am an Old timer) :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh dear…that expensive? I currently only pay $24-$25 (including taxes) per month for my service and I always have plenty of call time left after the month is over. I chose Consumer Cellular because of AARP’s advert several years back which provides me a free roadside service with that charge. I ditched AAA because the phone cost with the Roadside Service was a lot cheaper than just the AAA for their service and they did not give me a phone with that.
/snark :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I used to have one of Kyocera’s cameras. One of those small flat ones that you could just slip into your pocket. I remember my son taking it into DragonCon with him and because it was in his pocket and closed, the door monitor did not ask him to surrender it for his visit. lol

But that was a good camera…I need to ask my son where it is now since that would be something I can actually use now.

Thanks for that info…it jives with what I was seeing when I researched it.

All this information is very helpful and I want to thank you all for providing your feedback. Now on to my search to find my new phone. Its just possible I might be able keep my current cheaper service and they will accept my new phone being placed on it. I’ll have to ask once I decide which phone I get.


Lynn, do you have comcast in your area? If so, do you already use them for some other service, like cable? If so, check out their mobile plans.

Where I used to live, I used them for my cellphone service, and paid just over $1/month. (I owned my phone, so there was no phone payment in there). It’s ridiculously cheap. I think because they’re trying to break into the mobile market.

Even now that I’ve moved out of their service area, I was able to retain my phone service through them for $20/month, which is waaay cheaper than Verizon or anyone else.

OMG…yes we use Comcast for our internet. Wow this is a great piece of information. However, the account is in my son’s name, not mine. Will he have to change his phone service just to get mine accommodated? Or do I have to have a Comcast acct in my own name?

I would not think your son needs to change his phone service or that you would need a comcast account (assuming you and your son negotiate payment between you :slight_smile: ). They don’t know who is actually using the phone, after all, and anyone can have many different cell phone services as they want.

However, I’m also no expert about these things. So, unless someone else chimes in with better info, I’d say you’d have to have your son call and ask them.

Just wanted to add: It looks like they’ve upped their rate to $12/month, but it’s still a steal. This is their “pay by the gig” plan. The $12/month only gets you 1G, but if you are just using your phone as a phone, or are mostly on wi-fi for your data services, you won’t go over that. At least, I never do. You can read more about it here:

Ok, thanks for this information. :smiley:

I was like you back in 2016. I told the Verizon employee show me you basic phones. I rarely make calls, at the time I texted maybe 3 times, don’t do photos/music/games on my phone as modern phone batteries just don’t make it past a few hours or so.

Ended up with a LG K8 V. Something like $140 for the phone ($6 bucks a month for 2 years) plus connection of errr $30 or is it $40. I find that too expensive honestly ( 2 Gig Plan ).

I turned alot of applications off / uninstalled others ie: Movie / IMDB , Football stuff , jewlz or some kinda game, location tracking , oh yeah there’s this Google speak to your phone for assistance. Bunch of stuff I’ve lived this long without and figured I don’t need it. The stuff will collect data in the back ground sucking at your monthly Gig rate.

Oh, be preppared for them to stick a $20+ phone case/sleeve on you too.

Thanks tpsabre, appreciate your feedback. I’m actually looking into an unlocked phone from Amazon. I found the Kyocera DuraMax E4255 PTT Rugged Black Sprint to my liking and the price is pretty good…no sim card and it says the phone is unlocked.

I can always return to Amazon if it goes badly within the return time period. Anywho…I’m figuring I can just pick up a new sim card for my current phone and transfer the data if the slot in the new phone is not the right size for my current sim card.

We shall see what we shall see… I really do not want a glass card as a phone. I do not need all those bells and whistles either…so I’m going old school as long as I can.

Stupid manufacturers can’t seem to bother thinking of those of us who don’t like all that stuff. I had my pc tech remove a lot of unwanted things on my new pc build after we updated to Win10 so I did not have to mess with things Win 10 wanted to give me.

Sorry that $40 is for smart phones. It may be the same as what you pay now if you get one of their flip phones.

I have 2 x Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s in great condition. They work on Verizon. You can have one free-of-charge, if you wish.

I have another 1 or 2 in great condition for AT&T. You can have one of those fee-of-charge.

All are smart phones but all you have to do is use Contacts & Phone. I can hide all of the other apps, if you like before sending one. I would recommend leaving Text availble becuz you may grow to like it.

I hope this helps.

NOTE: Piggy-back carriers, Straight Talk, Metro PCS, Cricket, Mint Mobile, Boost Mobile, Net10, etc, etc, etc; they all only have 70% (+/-) towers available from the major carriers.

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We can do some phone-to-phone training if you wish but i am certain a child, grandchild, niece or nephew could easily help w/ day-to-day operation of one of these smartphones i have.


What a kind offer. However, after speaking with my son, he asked me to wait a bit because he was looking into his own phone setup to see what is being offered and he might be able to get me setup with very little hassle.

As for the phone, not knowing which way he is going, I’m reluctant to choose a new phone right now. I would much rather stay on Consumer Cellular because its so affordable for me ($20/mo) unlimited calling. I just need to find a phone that is GSM and g4-g5 compatible since my current flip is only g3 compatible.

Here is what they told me:

Your phone utilizes an older wireless technology called 3G, which is being phased out during 2019 by our network providers as they upgrade their cellular towers to utilize newer 4G and 5G services.

You can see my dilemma. So if I can find a phone that is GSM, 4g/5g capable, then I would actually stay on my current service because its so inexpensive.

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Sounds good. My AT&T/T-Mobile phones are 4G LTE & GSM. Just so you know.

My pleasure to offer one to you.

@18e4vw8, sent you a pm. Please let me know if you received it.