I'm waiting for Pantheon

So I attempted to try World of Warcraft again after 13 years and played Classic for about 4 days. I remember now why this game never captured my interest for long back in 2006. It was primarily a solo experience. I leveled two characters to level 15-16 and I only grouped twice in the approximately 20 hours of game play. I know there is raid content and more and more dungeons as you level, but I want a fully social game from beginning to end and my experience has already been soured.

Having to match quests and find others that are following the same quest paths that you are just sucks. I’d prefer just to grind and explore with friends then do quests all the time. What I loved about EQ was the need for grouping for extended periods of time.

I’m going to be around on the boards here and there but you likely won’t see me much until Pantheon hits alpha. I mainly like MMORPGs for the social aspect and accomplishing goals/exploring/just goofing around with guildies and groups. I’m hoping Pantheon is able to recapture that for me. I’ll see you all around and won’t disappear in the meantime.


If you do any non-MMO co-op gaming or anything like that there are guildies always up for co-oping in various games. I/m currently doing Remnant: From the Ashes with a couple guildies, getting ready to reload Fallout 76 and Anthem for more co-op, and playing a weekly D&D digital tabletop game on Fridays to fill the time until Pantheon. And I’m looking to get back into Elder Scrolls Online after some downtime from that game.

So here’s hoping you can find some guild action outside Pantheon in the meantime. And eventually, see you in Terminus! (sooner rather than later hopefully, but not too soon they rush it :wink:)

I can definitely understand, @Devolux.

I think that @Ryukan has a great point. We’ve got a bunch of active chapters/groups in other games (MMO and otherwise). If there’s something in those areas that looks to be of interest, that could be a great way to keep engaged with OTG as we all wait for Pantheon to continue forward.

Right now I am still playing ESO as SooZo in the ruin guild but am also in OTG there. Mostly as SoZo Nightblade fighting out in “C”. give me a PM or in OTG chat.

I am very high on Pantheon and will be playing an Enchanter and a Warrior. Hoping PA5 will start by the end of OCT. Looks like we will have 30 players for Pre-alpha, so hoping for at least 2 groups being able to form up.
I will also be working a being a scribe.
So give me a shout.

Thanks for understanding guys. If I find something that would be a good co-op that I’d like to play with guildies I’ll give people a shout. Not usually into action/FPS games these days as my reflexes aren’t what they used to be. That said I am having a lot of fun with Freeman Guerrilla Warfare 2019 right now, which if anyone played Mount & Blade back in the day it’s a lot like that but with guns.

I typically play table top board games IRL, not sure if anyone here has Tabletop Simulator or any of the online sites that simulate those games. If so let me know!

I’m putting together a group for P99 Green when it comes out in October. Our general play time is 9pm pst most evenings. You are welcome to join us if the times work and it at all interests you. We will be starting in Qeynos since it is the starting area we are least familiar with and our goal will be to go places that we don’t know well.