Ideal Armor Weight Loadouts

Something that isn’t necessarily intuitive but makes a meaningful impact on an character’s survivability is that there are multiple mixes of armor pieces of varying armor weights that can be used to achieve a “loadout” that meets a particular “loadout weight”.


There are two thresholds that determine what your equipment load is. 13 and 23.

  • Light Range: 0-13 total weight
  • Medium Range: 13-23 total weight
  • Heavy Range: 23-50 total weight

Each item has a static gross resistance available to it for a given weight and a particular slot. Mixing pieces to stay within the equipment load range for a desired load weight can result in different gross resistances meaning you mitigate more or less damage based on how you mix items to stay below a threshold. This results in there being an optimal set of pieces which you should try to use to both stay below a threshold and attain the most armor resistance you can get.

Below are a couple info graphics from unified gaming that provides explanations of how to min-max your light and medium loadouts. Keep in mind that if you plan to use a shield in your loadout, it counts towards weight and requires additional min-max and is not covered here.