Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden (Group A) Thursday evenings *FILLED*

Would a Shifter (Werewolf) Monk be feasible
Or a Shadar Kai Ranger, Fighter, or Cleric.

As shifter was moved from the Eberron books to Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse book then yes I will allow Shifter, but not a werewolf. Shifters have some lycanthropic traits in their bloodline, but they are not actual lycanthropes and thus not a werewolf.

Silly question. Is there a way to see the content of these books other than buying them.
Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything,
Xanather’s Guide to Everything,
Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse

I have been playing on Fantasy Grounds for the last few years and the server needed to be started in order for me to see anything. Is that the same in Roll 20, or is the content available to view once you are invited to a game?

I am trying to piece together my thoughts on a Bugbear Gloom Stalker, but not sure if all the info I am finding is correct or will be allowed.

Just to let everyone know ahead of time. Virtual dice are not usually my friend, so the Uber damage from the Gloom Stalker may be hit or miss :slight_smile:

Unless of course we get 3-4 free feats at level 1

I’ve been going through Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse and yeah there are going to be some races in there that I am going to restrict from this campaign because they just lumped a lot of stuff into that book some of which are questionable in certain settings. I will post a list in the next day or so.

I am not sure if I am going to allow Bugbear or not. Also, if you played a ranged Gloomstalker Bugbear would kind of be a waste, Bugbear’s main feature is their extra long arms that give them an extra 5 feet of reach.

Not an Actual Werewolf in Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse i saw it that the Lycanthropic Ancestry gives the Shifter it’s Ability. I realize the Character is not a Lycanthrope, the one with the Werewolf Ancestry gave the Longtooth Ability. I think the Shadar Kai Cleric would be cool except if it can’t be of the Raven Queen then the Ability that is called Blessing of the Raven Queen is kinda strange… So after Careful Consideration how about an Elf Fighter or Ranger

@lalanehla So I think I was confused as to the nature of the Raven Queen reference. There is the Raven Queen from Forgotten Realms and another version of the Raven Queen for the Critical Role campaign stream thingee. I was thinking of the Critical Role version and I’m not allowing Critical Role content for this game.

But, given the Forgotten Realms version that is separate then yes, I will allow your to be a priest of the Raven Queen if you are referring to that as a flavor thing for your character, what actual Cleric domain are you thinking of going with?

And yes, Shadar-kai is allowed as well.


I made a campaign link on DnD Beyond. You can join the campaign link and then see if you can access my shared DnD Beyond resources to look at those books.

If that doesn’t work, I will be providing the Roll20 game link this week and you can log into the Roll20 game anytime you want to look at the resources there once you have joined the game.

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The following races will be restricted from this game:


Also Eberron stuff is restricted mainly the Artificer class. Artificer is an Eberron specific class and I feel it doesn’t really fit this setting. Artificer will be allowed when I run Spelljammer in the future.

Edit - forgot to add Warforged to the list of restrictions

I got Mordenkainen’s Monsters of the Multiverse free by googling for it in pdf form. In Roll 20 i have the 5.0 Players Handbook. All my other books are 3.5 Ed. D&D pdf, on my Portable SSD.

My Character will be

Chrishel Oso , SHADAR-KAI Priest of the Raven

What kinda archetype is this? What do we need still? Appears maybe someone to front line. So I am thinking vengance or crown pally. Or totem or zealot barb. Human variant

It would definitely be a waste of the extra reach if using a ranged Gloomstalker, but I think the sneak attack bonus on all of my attacks on the first round against creatures that have not taken a turn in combat would out weigh that. That was why I was a bit unsure if you would even allow it. Possible extreme damage on the first round and even on a surprise round. I was playing around with the D&D Beyond character builder, but it did not have a lot of the books. I do not have an issue buying them, but I would rather just buy in whichever platform we will be using.

Was also thinking of a Triton Paladin if we needed a tank or second Melee character.

Seems like a lot of changes with the new book and the recent update to them so lots of research to do still :slight_smile:

Or maybe even a Kobold Glomstalker. Sorry for being so indecisive.

Disregard the previous post about Bugbear, I did not see that you had restricted them.

SHADAR-KAI Priest of the Raven? So in reading up about this appears was a paladin now a cleric of sorts? Is this any healing or more dmg based?

I do not know how Domains work on 5.0 But in they appear to be Life and Death, unsure though. I am sure any changes will be made during character conception, by the DM. These are the links i was looking at.

Here is the place i got the book from free, scroll down to the red button download pdf and click it.

@lalanehla Domains are the Cleric version of subclass. You will pick a specific Domain at lvl 1 which is your Cleric focus in a sense. It doesn’t affect what spells you can pick as a cleric, it just gives you some extra abilities at certain lvls and gives you some extra spells you can prepare beyond the regular prepared spells cap per lvl.

@everyone Roll20 and Discord invites are going out tonight so check your PM’s in a bit. We can move pre-game discussion to my Discord server and go over characters some more prior to session zero.

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Links for the Roll20 game and my Discord server have gone out.

When you have joined the Discord server and the Roll20 game please post to indicate such in the PM thread.