Hurricane sally

Hope everyone who was in Hurricane Sallys path is safe and well. My house and car is safe but we had three large trees come down on our property that damaged our shed and trailer. Our power is out and probably will be for awhile.

OMG! I’m so sorry about the damage to your property, and I’m very glad that you and yours are safe. I hope your power is returned soon.

xoxo Mid

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That there is one BIG tree! Glad you’re safe @SidonieAlaise!

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Three big trees. I cant even get my suv off the property. Bestie lent me her truck and im parking it in neighbors driveway lol

Oh Sid, so glad you guys are safe and sound. Sorry to see all that damage though. Hurricanes are no joke, I’ve been through several growing up in Hawaii, and then again when I lived for a few years in Tampa, FL.

They are really, really scary because you have no idea what they will do or how they will impact you. I always kept duct tape and boards for my windows, but man you can’t duct tape trees…and boards would be kindling if fallen on by said trees.

Just WoW!!! Big trees I am glad that you and yours are all okay though. Do you have a generator? I hope so.

Gonna borrow one ftom someone but biggest problem is jist figuring out how to get trees cleared and elecreical restored.

Glad that you and your loved ones are safe!

My bestie and i drove an hour and a half to get supplies yesterday and this morning i got generator hooked up and air conditioning running, neighbors got the tree that landed part way on their property cut up and cleared off their lawn so that i can get my suv out and not be trapped.


Woooo we have power! Now just gotta get comcast out here and get a quote on tree removal. Im kinda tempted to post online that i have free firewood… :rofl:

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Free firewood, you cut. Do you think they would come and cut the tree up for free firewood? Sounds good to me

Nah down here most people dont wven have a wood burning fireplace because it doesnt get cold down here very often.

I am sorry that tree fell and I am happy that you all are safe. It looks like its very old and huge! Is it an old oak? Do you have any wood-working people in the area? Or mulch company?

We had 2 major pines hit our house and do serious damage about a year and a half ago and we called all kinds of people and told them, free trees - all you got to do is remove them.

Yea there isnt really free tree removal down here sadly. All the trees that came down were on this lot at least by 1950 so they are all pretty big. 3 of them jokers came down. Phew.