Hunter information

For those who will be playing hunters check out Petopia as they are listing a lot of classic wow hunter information… also there are starting to be a few macros for classic showing up also…

Awesome. Petopia was always a favorite!

Here’s their dedicated site for Classic:
Petopia Classic:

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Another site I checked was Hunters Union but sadly they are no longer active…

I use Classic Wowhead for everything

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Thanks will give it a look see

If his videos are still around on youtube, check out Big Red Kitty. He was a well known hunter blogger, back in the day.

Here is a link to his old youtube videos.

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BRK is an OTG member, too! :lion:

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OMG…REALLY? How awesome. I’ve not heard of him before this thread so it was with dismay I found he did not play in WoW any longer — unless he is using a different tag name.

Nope, he retired from wow in 2017 to ride his Harley…

Excellent retirement. :motorcycle:

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