Humbly asking my guildies for some help

I would like to ask my fellow guildies for a little help.
I am trying hard to meet one of my milestones on YOUTUBE of “100 SUBSCRIBERS”, and I am getting close.

The content on my channel moving forward will be “ASHES OF CREATION (MMORPG)” related,
and you can expect some good content coming down the pipeline soon!

But currently I have content covering games such as: Elder Scrolls Online, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare, World War Z, Apex Legends, Ring Of Elysium, GWENT, and Quake Champions.

Please help a brother out and help me reach (and/or surpass) this milestone!

I Humbly Thankyou!


I subscribed. :slight_smile:

I did Also.

By the time you see this I will have sub’d also.

Have you considered

Ark Survival Evolved
Borderlands 1 , 2, or currently 3 ?
7 Days to Die

All are heavily represented but in those, and the like, you got the looter shooter + survival games.

Other shooter games either out or comming out are : Revenant from the Ashes (out), Outriders (in devel), that (in developement) 40K squad shooter Darktide , ooh and a STALKER 2 is also in developement.

We aren’t called OLD TIMERS for nothing. Sub’d with you

We have 85 subs at the moment

I thought I was already sub’ed. Done.

Here’s to 93

Thankyou one & all! I really appreciate the assistance in meeting that milestone. Normally, I would not have worried about it, but someone decided to make a YOUTUBE account using my name, and was trying to hijack my name. The 100 goal allowed me to secure my unique URL using my name (which ive had for years).

Again - much appreciated for the help!

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Good for you, Extermicide. I’m late to the party, but sub’d anyway. Grats on your goal.

Nice , I like watching your weapon advice videos. I play Borderlands 3 casually and just can’t keep up with all the new weapons they release so I watch those alot. I laughed so hard when you ducked into a part of a aircraft body and nailed one enemy combatant at distance errr ~ 30m and then nailed another poor bastard that ran right across your LOS ~ 2m. hehehe You could always change your handle to “Dr. Eat Shit” hahaha.

Grats :slight_smile: