How Toxic is YOUR game?

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The only one I’ve played of those is WoW, which wasn’t too bad except certain zone chats. I’ve heard EVE can be bad but never played it.

Rust. Played it 2 hours, never went back. What a bunch of absolute assholes in the ‘newbie chat’.

Some non toxic ones: Boundless and Wurm Online :slight_smile:

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That is why I always create a OTG only chat tab and turn off anything related to outside chat. Much calmer and definitely funnier.

Had alot of toxic experiences in the 3 months I was playing ESO. The PvE pugs started off nice but got so awful either in tension + language the higher level the content. Daily I would do one PvP match because I was enticed by the armour skins (skins? illusions?). I everntually just cancelled my sub after reporting when it turned really ugly with the racial and sexual harrassment.

Oh, I would never even think of trying RUST. I watched a good amount of youtube videos of people playing rust. OMG that game is savage. I don’t thrive on that type of gaming experience.

I’d like to mess around with Rust on a OTG server… play it cooperative and just explore