Hotfix: Emissary Quests turn-ins no longer award 10 bonus reputation

I wondered why …and now I know.

March 18, 2020

World Quests

  • Emissary Quests turn-ins no longer award 10 bonus reputation when a Contract is active. No other quest turn-ins are affected.
    • Developers’ note: This seemingly random change was done to address an obscure bug that arose after the introduction of Echoes of Ny’alotha this past week. There is an internal limit on the number of different rewards that a single WoW quest can offer, and adding Echoes into the mix could push some Emissary quests past that cap in certain situations, preventing those quests from being turned in. Raising that long-standing limit is beyond the scope of a hotfix, and removing the conditional 10 bonus rep was the least disruptive fix in the short term

Here is the page link.

whats the point in contracts then?

I asked that same question.

For all of the other rep. They only removed 10 rep when turning in an emissary. It is still 10 rep per quest. I don’t think losing 10 rep per day for a “fix in the short term” is a game breaker for most people.

It was better to get the 50 Echoes to go towards the purchase of the Rank 3 Essences from Mother. Most people needing contracts on Alts is to grind the Essence Ranks locked behind those Rep levels (excluding various recipes that some might want). This is better in the long run.