[Horde] World of Warcraft: Classic Officers

Officers for the Horde side of WoW Classic:

GD Lead: @Kelryth
Chapter Leader: TBA
Chapter 2IC: TBA
PVP Officer: @Warcrime
Events Officer: @Chantillary
Recruitment Officer(s): @Sunyata
Raid Officer: TBA

I have a question. Is OTG thinking of keeping both Alliance and Horde OTG members on the same server?

The reason I ask is I think it would be awesome to have OTGers from both sides help out in massive runs. It would add a great dynamic to the game considering things will be different than current WoW.

Just wondering.

There is a lot of debate about that in this thread: POLL - Server Type and Server Arrangement for WoW Classic

Many pros & cons as you can tell from how close the poll is. Once the admin liaison is chosen, we will get together and weigh everything.

Welcome, @Sunyata to our team.

Sunyata joined the WoW chapter of OTG in 2007. She is our Recruitment Officer. :slight_smile:

Wow has it really been 12 years, feeling like a true old timer these days! And thanks!

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Do we need to sign up if we plan to play or even try out Classic when it launches? I plan on at least jumping in to see how it is since I did not start playing Wow until 2007 so am not sure if I caught the tail end of vanilla or not.

lyn :+1:

Added Bank Officer: TBA

@Hashberry Does wow classic have guild banks? How did OTG manage this back in 1.0 before the guild bank system was implemented in the BC expansion?

@lynspottery I assume it will be just like every other chapter. You put your name in a specific forum post, wait for a pm then contact an officer in-game. It will be a few days or so to get the gold to buy a guild charter after WOWC launches.

There are no guild banks expected for classic. They were added in 2.1 with Zul’Aman. People just used their personal banks, and some maintained alts just to use their bank space. Bag space will also be very limited, so if you’re a money person, you’ll spend a lot of time running back to see things.

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You came in just when BC hit so the game play will be very similar to that since they are using 1.12 as the release version it has all the major content for Vanilla. In my opinion, both BC and WLK were expansions that built on the base Vanilla game with similar game mechanics and specific rolls for each class in end game content. It is nothing like what it is now so be prepared for that if you’re playing BFA right now.

Welcome @Warcrime as PVP officer. :slight_smile:

Welcome to Warcrime as PVP officer and Sunyata as Recruitment officer.


Saw a lot of toons named Bankalt etc…

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Welcome @Chantillary, WoW:C Horde Chapter Events Officer! :slight_smile:

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What kind of time commitment is it? I would love to help but dont want to volunteer for something that I can’t do.

Also what is the vetting like? I have a macro that let’s me /fart and / smell alliance players. I imagine that is a plus. :slight_smile:

I have made 2 mistakes in my life. I once left a carton of milk out on the counter overnight, and there was that whole first marriage thing.

Looking back, I sure do miss that milk.

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The only position left is Raid Officer and to quote Dewald:

Not sure I have the credibility for that position. I did not start raiding until Northrend.

I will just focus on enjoying the company and helping where I can.

/slap @Roml Alliance players don’t fart, if we did we’d turn into the horde. /smell /duck /gasp


It has provided more laughing moments than anything else in the game