Horde or Alliance?

Just wondering which faction OTG will be looking to roll for Classic Wow. I’d like to do a little “research” in the coming months to remember some of the quests and such before Classic launches

Who says we have to pick?! :horde: :alliance:

As the game gets closer to launch we’ll have a better idea how to answer that question. I’d love to see enough interest to say “both”!


I haven’t heard much interest from Alliance, but possibly that is just because we are focused on other things atm and people might actually be interested. :slight_smile:

I was thinking I’d play Alliance on a PvE server and Horde on PvP

It will likely be both!

Me personally? Horde for sure.

The only Alliance toon I will roll is a duo partner if my wife just HAS to be a Paladin. :slight_smile:

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I think Alliance on a PvP server and Horde on a PVE server would be the best “if” you want quick advancement in battleground PvP ranks and shorter queues.

From what I have seen, everyone wants to play Horde on PvP servers which means battleground queues would be horrible for Horde. Likewise, playing Horde on a PvE server is “against the grain” and again queue times for battlegrounds should be much shorter.


I’m doing some “research” on Classic as there is a new…“Classic research station” launching today so it will be interesting to try it from scratch, still debating Horde vs Alliance but might try both. If anyone wants to join feel free to PM me., would be great to get to know some folks.


Alliance PvE gets my vote. Just not enough time to play to have to deal with open world PvP. Would rather be accomplishing what we want.


We are looking at the possibility to support both Horde and Alliance on PvE servers. The interest level will make the final determination though.

I’ll be looking for alliance pve and horde PvP

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I will be rolling toons on both sides, taking my time and enjoying the ride to 60.

Get with @Dewald if you’re interested in helping out with staff needs!

I am making a dwarf priest so I can help out others alliance side.

After reading what others plans are I think I’ll roll a gnome mage for portals and food/water. Will probably do herbing and skinning at launch in order to make gold for the mount then ditch skinning for alchemy. If anyone plans on doing tailoring and enchanting I’ll send them all my extra cloth once I’ve leveled past it in first aid…I remember how much of a pain it is to level those on a fresh server

Funny cause I was going to do those Prof. My wife is gonna roll a gnome lock

I’m considering a return to WOW for Classic…I like playing Paladin so that would be where I would probably end up.

I’ll be a Tauren Druid…lol Since trolls aren’t druids in classic. :slight_smile:

im looking forward to the class quests :slight_smile: