Here's to surviving the holidays!

Coming this way. Rain, lots of it, will turn to snow. Freezing rain is expected. Our plans to go for a drive tomorrow may not be happening. Small turkey in fridge, defrosting. We’ve got all the veggies etc. Cranberry sauce!

I have one more present for husband to wrap. But do have to finish off a scarf that’s a present for somebody who we won’t be seeing tomorrow. Yes, we’re in lockdown. They are saying that one family may visit another to allow for those who must do something lol

Thanks to our group who look after us. Keep the website updated. Look after that thing called Discord that doesn’t like me. I know what to do but have no idea how to do it so going to ask the husband :slight_smile: Take care, stay safe, stay healthy!

Wishing all you fantastic folk a Merry Christmas and a better year for 2021.
Hugs from Taff in Toronto 2020


Merry Christmas to you as well Taff. I feel your pain with that weather. We just had rain roll in today and its going to be really, really wet for a few days.

Stay safe and warm!!!

Hugs from Kel in Scarborough! Stupid lockdown. But hey, we might get a vaccination sooner rather than later. :slight_smile:

My Favorite Modern Christmas Song

Click it, it’s a Youtube.

Merry Christmas!

At least we got snow for Christmas! Now it’s all starting to melt lol

Lockdown in effect…
Play more WoW

Or does it work that way? :slight_smile:

I think WoW causes the power to be generated that alters the world that causes the changes in the permafrost that releases the virus that causes the lockdown that causes the people to stay indoors and play the WoW. :smiley:

Either way… Try to stay sane, makes sure the outside near you remains in the world by checking on it, physically, then go back inside, hug the ones near you, hug the ones virtually that you can… and try to stay sane. Did I mention the sane part? Yeah, don’t forget to try and remain sane… I think. I think I forgot something… something about sanity…