Help, I just cant decide what to play

Hey folks,
I work a seasonal job and am coming into some time off. I would like to dive into a game but I just cant decide what to play. I would love some suggestions.

I like RPGS of all types. Im considering FF7 remake or Witcher 3 (only played the first zone). No Assassins Creed I am still burnt out from Odyssey. Ive played a lot of Elden Ring. Ive played a lot of Red Dead. Maybe I should just wait for Forspoken? I am also eye balling Tunic and Grim Dawn.

I would consider an MMO. I spent the first half of last year playing a lot of ESO. I got a bit burnt out but my CP is in the 600’s and I have 3 guys geared up (not Trial gear). Or perhaps Guild Wars 2, I haven’t played since vanilla and am curious. Anyone know how Neverwinter is these days? No FF or WoW!

Survival and Building/Crafting games are great as well. I would get into some Valheim if I found some folks with whom to play. Also let me know if you need a helicopter in Dinkum. Any other recommendations in these genres? No Dwarf Fortress though, that would become my life if I started playing it.

Something not even on my radar would be cool too. I like mostly everything except games played from a first person perspective or Sports games.

Anyway, I would love you hear your opinions.
Happy New Years!

Icarus (survival/craft), Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning (very decent RPG, single player), Astro Colony (Early Access space/planetoid/build/explore game?), Astroneer (Cute, not hard, survival’ish?), Stationeers (Balls to the wall insanely hard depending on what you choose planet survival game), Dyson Sphere Program (Fantastic factory building game), and of course the old time classic Anno (newest Anno 1800).

Smallish one: Factory Town (production line builder), Avorion (space block builder explorer, dedicated servers, but also solo, minecraft in space?)

These are all ones I play or played :slight_smile: If you like Factorio type games then Dyson Sphere Program is one you should absolutely check out.

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Witcher 3 has recently had an upgrades, mainly to graphics. It is on my to-play list. I started a space survival game called No Man’s Sky. It came out several years ago but has had a steady stream of free updates and new content. Players say it is like a totally different game. I am hooked. Relaxing to play if you like exploring. But you can die. Damn sentinals! Has different modes including permadeath. Your choice. Some space and ground combat, mining, fantastical building based on some of the bases people have made. Reddit has a friendly sub where people post pictures. You can visit some if they open them up. Single player with some limited multiplayer with group quests. Optional.

We’re probably not helping with trying to decide…

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Thank you for the suggestions guys. You definitely help. I am up on my knowledge of whats out there, although Anno 1800 slipped though and that game looks pretty, but I am just indecisive. I am also coming off Elden Ring, and like many others would say, I have never played a Souls game before and that game is just fucking awesome.
I guess I am looking for big story to be immersed into. Im gonna try Witcher 3 again, see if it grabs me. With having not seen much of it and the recent upres it seems like a no brainer.
A multiplayer game would be nice though, it would be nice to play with other folks. ESO is calling but its a bit to get back into again. I dont know. I havent heard anyone say “Hot damn, High Isle is the bees knees and you are missing out if you dont play it.”
This will be so much easier on June 6th.

Have you tried FF14? It’s a sub game, so not sure if that’s a problem, but they also basically have a free trial for the first 60 levels (base game and one expansion).

I played Wow for years, it feels like more of the same. I have grown to prefer more of an action move set than tab targeting these days.

Not a lot of story, but lots of action, and Ninjas in space. Have you tried Warframe? :smiley:

You might try New World. We have a decent number of people in the guild there on the east coast server Orefena. It has action combat and an extensive crafting system.

Re: Valheim. Group of OTGer’s currently playing on a server Creedo has up. Around 5 people freq on and another handful that make appearances here and there. Check OTG Discord, Valheim channel for latest info and chat.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, SWTOR is a fun game to play. You can play solo and see a LOT of content, it has all the flavors of PvE, PvP, Starfights, instances to play solo or with a friend (game even provides you with a tank if you’re solo). There is a lot to do.

Hey guys sorry for the late reply, rl ended up taking most of my game time.

Some great suggestions thank you folks. I played old republic from launch til it went ftp. Great game but if i got into an MMO again I would go for one more action combat style than tab target.

In the end I’ve gone against myself and started getting into AC Valhalla. I burnt myself out on Odyssey so much I didn’t think I could get into an even bigger AC, but this one feels like it’s own thing more than I thought it would. It’s pretty cool.

I lost abou 3 months of my life on Cyberpunk 2077, and now should be a bargain price. Thoroughly enjoy it.


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I second Hogwarts Legacy. Best game I’ve played in a very long time.

I read a review that said if you are not much of a Harry Potter fan there is not much there for you.

I’ve wondered that. I’ve seen all the movies (cuz kids), but I’m too old to really have gotten into it.

I’ve read just the opposite, lol. Quite a few OTGers on Discord have expressed enjoying it without having interest in the Potter universe.

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harry potter has nothing to do with this game. harry was born in 1981 i think. the game takes place in the 1800s you aren’t missing anything if you haven’t seen a harry potter movie or fantastic beasts. the movies and books just provide a base of knowledge about the world in general but they still explain things for non-fans

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