Happy New Year

As a teen, I spent most New Years in some MMO with my guildies. I had a rough home life, and games became my escape, and my guildies my chosen family. That guild has since gone dormant, but I still talk with some of the people from those days.

Life now is better, but I still don’t have any friends IRL (and even online if I’m honest), and every New Year I get a little nostalgic for the relationships I once shared with those people.

So I guess this is me saying happy new year to my fellow guildies, and hoping that someday I can find the time, game, and right group of people to be friends with. Happy 2020 OTG.

Happy New Year! Hopes for a better 2020!


Happy New Year, @blackat.

We’ve got some good folks here in OTG and there are a lot of games either released or making their way through development. Hopefully one clicks for you and helps make that connection! :slight_smile:

A great thing about OTG is where ever you go, there we are.

Pretty much any game you choose, there will be some OTG presence, so you’ll almost always have like-minded people to associate with.

OTG’s presence in so many games was definitely one of the reasons I decided to sign up. It’s hard for me to find time for MMO’s with work and family commitments. I’m hoping that as my kiddo grows up I can find that time again.

Happy New Year!!