Guild Welcome Message/Toon Limits/Chapter Info Repost


My name is ***, and I am one of the WoW Horde Chapter Staff. Welcome the WoW Horde Chapter of OTG! Our Chapter is playing on the Kul Tiras/Bladefist server.

Once you have a character on the Kul Tiras or Bladefist server ready for an in game invite please contact one of our staff members. A full list of staff is posted in the Chapter section of the forums HERE. They will help you to get started and get your characters into the in-game Guild! We currently allow a maximum of six toons in the main guild. If you wish to have more than six toons guilded, more toons may be added to our alt guild ‘OTG TOO’. Joining the OTG Horde community is a way to keep all toons in touch with the main guild. This might also be a useful way to find someone who can invite you to the guild in game.

We would like to encourage you to make use of the forums to see what we are about, start getting to know folks, and most importantly to introduce yourself!

WOW Horde Chapter Forums

Just a bit of information about the WoW Horde Chapter: We are a group of laid back people who want nothing more than a good group of friends to spend our gaming time with. We strive to bring like-minded, mature people together in a friendly environment conducive to forming friendships both in game and out. We encourage a productive dialog between the members and leadership of this Chapter on anything related to Chapter structure, size, etc. We discourage any type of hurtful conversation and anyone who participates in such talk will be banned from these boards and removed from the Chapter.

As you know, OTG is not a hardcore raiding Guild and the WoW Horde Chapter is no different. We believe in the ride not the destination. If you are looking for a hardcore raiding endgame guild, that is probably not OTG. We do have many members that raid, but that is not what OTG is specifically about. Also, under no circumstances will exploiting be encouraged or tolerated as it is a bad reflection on the guild at large and in most cases is a direct violation of a game’s EULA(End User License Agreement).

We encourage you to stay active on the forums, You don’t have to post anything, but we often have new information posted in the WoW Horde section and if you don’t come to the site, you can’t see it.

Finally, we are a happy Chapter. We poke fun at each other all the time (especially our staff) so don’t be afraid to do the same. Don’t worry, we won’t bite…much. The only rule is to keep it reasonably clean and respectful. So, make yourself at home here on the Horde Chapter Forums. We look forward to hearing from you.

See you in game!

Chapter Leader: Weltazar (Forum Name) OTG Character Names: Weltazar, Weltamus, Weltzilla, Weltaholic, Weltelf, Weltaminster

Co-Chapter Leader: Penfold (Forum Name) OTG Character Names: Penfold, Lendyn, Zenfold, Pennyfold

Chapter Officer: Billasa (Forum Name) OTG Character Names: Bullybill, Bullyburns, Dabully, Bullybillbo