Guild tokens

So, those of you who will be in the guild playing COE. There are guild tokens you can buy in the store. I think it’d be a good idea to buy and donate. I’m buying one for my main and my 2 alts. They are $10US each

Who is the guild leader in game?

Was there a dev diary or something released with those? I can’t find anything about them.

So guilds in COE don’t work like other games. They are based on profession or knowledge. There can be an OTG guild but it will be about blacksmithing or agriculture. Same goes for schools. Guilds are about R&D, schools are about spreading knowledge.

Kelryth - I have not seen anything specific about guild tokens. But I wanted to jump on them before the price goes up.
Best I can figure the guild token will maybe grant access to more resources or better resources.

If this is the case then the best advice I can think of is to hold on to them and wait till the game goes live and use them on wherever you feel is the best use for them. If you make a guild you can use them to get a leg up over the competition.

No doubt. Looks like OTG will be a community composed of “guilds” and members

From what I read, you can buy a maximum of three tokens from Guild and/or Villager Tokens. So, for me, I’d rather get three Villager Tokens and zero Guild Tokens, since Villager Tokens contribute to the settlement you are in (population allowance, number of land parcels, etc.).

I bought both

Yeah, I guess the thing I read at first wasn’t very clear. You can buy up to 3 of each type.

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