Guild Skill Options (feedback needed)

We have guild skills available! Current ones we can afford are bonuses to:

  • Move Speed
  • Defense
  • Attack
  • Increased Fishing EXP
  • Increased Life Skill EXP

Each of these costs 10M and we have 24.16M currently. If we keep saving, we can afford:

  • Increase HP
  • Increase DP
  • Increase HP

These each cost 40M. Note the costs for all of these are for level 1.

Not sure what the costs are beyond that.

Any thoughts?

Better attack, better grinding… considering the afk grinding component of this game, I would prefer a move towards better efficiency.
Attack will benefit all the members in progressing at the start of the game.
Not that I’d be disappointed in any of them, as long as they are bought as soon as they are available.


I can’t disagree with this logic. Will see if anyone has a different take but since my response when someone asks “what should we do?” is always “attack!!!” sounds good to me. :smiley:

Oh wait, I am mixing up my D&D game with videogames. Oh well, same difference!