Gordion Quest

If any of you were like me and ended up throwing things because of Darkest Dungeon antics, I have found Gordion Quest to be a much more forgiving game in that basic genre. That doesn’t mean it is a breeze-thru but I find it way more fun. The basic premise is similar…there’s a town under siege by undead and bandits and who knows what else (at least I don’t atm!). You’re stuck in the central garrison and gradually, over time, you move out into the main town completing quests for the garrison and some shop owners so they can get back in business and sell you stuff. The basic heals are free from a nice lady and your party size increases slowly. I started with the cleric and ranger types altho you can also pick a warrior or rogue. There’s a mage in there somewhere, he’s available at the inn atm but I don’t have a 4th slot yet (and not sure if we ever get one actually). Anyway, more story unfolds and you move along and you have choices you have to make that change certain things.
I got to the point where all the dots I hadn’t been to yet were showing level 7 mobs and my guys were 4-5. Turns out some of places you went to earlier can be re-investigated and more mobs can spawn for you to fight closer to your level.
The items you get plus your skills give you cards to play during combat which have 4 lanes with lots of options for moving around, blocking attacks, being crafty, throwing knives, whatever. It’s just the right amount of thinking what to do next or where to move to or when to block that gets things interesting for me. Plus your guys don’t go insane or start attacking each other or crumple into a heap crying…at least that hasn’t happened yet. So far I’ve been poisoned, shocked, burnt, stabbed and yelled at It looks like once you get the town all rescued there are a number of outside regions to send your intrepid crew.
If these types of games have any appeal for you, give Gordian Quest a look on Steam. And no, they’re not paying me to plug this! :smiley: