Gaming PC specs 2020

So, in Sept 2020. the RTX 3080ti is rumored to be released
by Nvidia gpu company. Correct, this is the 3000’s series.

Question: Since most games are stored in the “cloud” on
publisher’s and xbox or steam servers.

How much computing, really getting done by our “hardware”
I have seen resolution fluxuations in pixel quality, in
GTA V, simply buy server update.

What I am trying to say: is the Game maker companies,
are in control, of the frame rate and graphix. And it is my
personal idea, that you neeed far-less hardware, to have
top-quality performance.

Real question: going rate, for a VR ready 2000’s TI
gaming pc, Rift or Vive headset, is around $5,000.00

I have 3,000.00 to spend, but can add 400+ per month
until, I have enough to buy best of the best 5K Gaming PC

What are your idea’s and what should I do? PS I am a slow learner, so please use easy to understand words. Much Thanks

With respect, I believe you are over-estimating the power you really need in your video card for VR.

I have a GTX 1070TI and a really old processor, i7 3930 (3.2GHz) and I can run things fine on my Index (one of the higher resolution kits).

Thus, my recommendation is to save some cash now, purchase the best video card in regards to the price (IE value) and in a year or two, do the same. This seems to be the best pattern for video card buying that I have found.

Also, upgrading your video card is easy, changing your motherboard, CPU and ram is a bit more of a time and tinkering investment. This hardware trio is where a little more dollar investment up front is generally good.