Games to play - just some ideas?

It does have a subscription model. Don’t know if that’ll be a problem for you, but if you’re looking for an MMO it’s at least worth checking out indeed. And OTG is pretty big in it.

LOTRO is a s F2P as you want it to be . Make an account and use the free code to get started and play for awhile to see if it fits your needs and play times. You can start that way and then subscribe as you need it later on.

If you want to get in on the ground level in a brand spanking new (well, more like classic…) MMO then New World might also be worth a look. Comes out August 25th.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’m definitely liking the idea of getting in on something at the ground level. Also the posts I am reading seem pretty darn positive. LOL now the only thing is waiting until August 25th, but seriously thats about the perfect amount of time to start getting up to speed on the game.

If you pre-order it now, the early beta period starts July 25th, so that’s only a month away.

More likely to be lots of guildies on a new mmo like New World. We usually start off new games with a bang. Hehe. It’s been a while since weve had a major new mmo. We really need some really good, really new major mmo’s .

As from Discord: “We just hope this one doesn’t really suck.” :smiley:

Woot, got the pre order so now only 30 days!

@Trustee New World looks like it has a healer class in one of the videos I saw.

LOTRO FTP is good up to around level 30, after that you get handcuffed on fast travel. But 30 levels is plenty of fun time for deciding if you like the game. P2P is 14.99/mo, $10/mo for 3 months and 6 month subs or $99 a year which is one of the better annual rate deals in the mmo market.

LOTRO tells your story from the point of view of the main story, so you will interact with all the main characters outside of but in canon with the main story line. Standing Stone Games was formed by the developers who bought the game and continue to develop it. The original level cap was 50, now it is up to 130. The main story has progressed beyond the destruction of the ring and continues with expansions ad infinitum.

Trying the game for free is highly recommended. Expansions and monthly subs are only worth it if you like it.

Something that hasn’t come up yet that also has a large OTG presence is Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag for most people, but I think it’s well worth a look at least!

It’s currently on sale for 8 bucks (here at least), so that should not really be an issue :slight_smile:

It’s very story heavy, and there’s plenty to do, so you won’t quickly run out of content.

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Like you, I’ve been playing strategy games like Civilization the past several years. I started playing Elder Scrolls after a long absence last month. It’s worth a look!

Civilization is one of my all-time favorties. Just started playing ESO myself and I’m enjoying it so far. Definitely worth a go. If you like space games at all Stellaris is a great though very complex strategy game. Also SWTOR and STO are free to play and might be worth a go.

ESO is currently on sale in the Steam Summersale, it looks like.

I think I am going to try out EOS in the very near future. (first want to get a headset and get discord setup)

Also have preordered New World.

And, ironically this past weekend I d/l Stellaris (although I didn’t get a chance to play)

Elder Scrolls online is the least time sink mmo there is.
Everything has a purpose and you can do what you choose.
It is far far far from boring. Class builds can get a little complicated. And our guild is AWESOME in game!
Lots of questing fighting and plenty of other things to do but that you don’t HAVE TO DO. crafting, treasure hunting, thieving, assassination, raids, group dungeons, non group dungeons, pop. World bosses, lots of different story lines, mage gold, fighters gold, thieves guild, assassins guild, that dungeons hunter guild(always forget the name), main story and main faction story lines. Just lots to do. I have played since beta and I’m still finding new stuff to do. Plus it’s consistently being added to.

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Thoroughly enjoying ESO, and as a noob, there are always a bunch of very helpful people online.

Completely agreed, the guild in ESO is great :slight_smile: Sunday Coffee runs are great fun! Even though I always get utterly lost.

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I would recommend Elder Scrolls Online as the story is very engaging and the guild is pretty active and helpful. Wow is also a great game with a very helpful guild but there is a bit more grinding as they are awaiting new content now.

So its only been a few days since this thread was created.

I decided to play New World and preordered the game! Along with that ordered a new gaming PC, that pc should be arriving in a few days. But alas, New World is postponed until May 21 - doh!

I thank you all for your comments and suggestions - definitely gives me lots to think about. LOL now I just feel pressured to find a new game to play before the PC gets here LOL!