I just installed my new Radeon 6900XT and am learning the software. This is my first AMD gpu. One question I am having a hard time finding info on is whether I enable or disable in game Vsync when I have Free sync 2 setup. I have FS2 set to on so I can enable or disable it in a game by game basis. Should I have it turned on it game?

When I have questions like that I usually check Tom’s Hardware website. No clue here … sorry.

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AFAIK this is a monitor setting. If there’s an ingame setting I don’t know what it is. This is how I have my monitor setup for a Radeon RX 5700XT:

if you have your radeon setting for freesync set to 'ON" then you would need to turn it on in each game. If you choose the AMD setting instead then it sets it at what it thinks is the best. and off of course is off.

Thats fine. i check there too but most sites are so big and convoluted now that its hard to sift through the crap. I prefer posting the question to guildies and more often than not they save me a LOT of time and point me in the right direction.