Free Stuff Including Outfit!

Make sure you check in every day for rewards including a free outfit (squeeee)

This is the version of the outfit on different classes…

Of course having posted this I am not sure where to get the outfit or if we haven’t gotten it, which day it arrives lol

Winning! :man_facepalming:

Yeah haven’t seen this. You sure it wasn’t for PC?

Winter Celebratory Log-in Event, just have to check in for 14 days to reach the outfit.

It’s on the Black Desert MOBILE site (their capitalization not mine lol)

Anyway like @XIIOIV said, you get the outfit after 14 days of logins. Just saw that explained on reddit as well.

I make this look goooood. Well, my character does. Don’t think it would look so great on me in real life… :nauseated_face:

Free barding for Prime members!!!