For those with low end computers

I thought I would share this. Most of you have probably heard of this service but it is called Shadow Gaming. If you have a low end computer and can afford $30 a month you can sign up and then you can start a Shadow. You download an app on any computer or even your phone or tablet. Log in and it is your own higher end gaming Windows 10 PC. You download the game or games your are playing on it and can stream to your home device. The link is
Yes you do have to pay for it and you get 256GB of storage which is not much but they do plan on adding more storage. If you have any questions I can try and answer them for you. I do not work for them but I do use the service. They also have what is know as a Shadow Ghost which is a device that you can plug in to a TV or Monitor and it works the same as the app on your device

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How can that possibly work? There’s no way a video card that can barely process higher end textures or physics can just download an app and be able to do it via some sort of stream system.

I am not exactly sure how it works but I have a basic 2in1 laptop with a really low end graphics and I was playing Division 2 last night

I have to agree. There is no way that a stream service can dispaly or run information on a computer without the hardware to support it. If this was watching a stream or merely viewing objects, it could -possibly- up-render, but there is absolutely no way that a low end computer can stream higher end resoloution graphics on a card that doesn’t supprt them.

While I wouldnt call this an outright scam (perhaps its not exatly doing what you think it is. More research is definitively required) I would look at this with a large pillar of salt and buyer beware…

You can even use it on a cell phone with a controller. You should watch some of the videos. It is really amazing

My understanding is that you are connected to your own Windows 10 computer similar to how you can play Xbox games on a PC with the Xbox app.

The rendering isn’t done on your computer, it’s done on their end, and then streamed to you.

Basically it’s Steam Streaming over internet.

I imagine you get a high virtual machine (4-8 vCPU, 16gb ram} on a nutanix or other fast hyperconverged infrastructure box with Nvidia grid GPUs or similar. They run autocad and high end graphic computing without an issue.

Check out @Shadow_USA’s Tweet:

geez, $30 bucks … a month… =_="

I think it will be more interesting when they drop the price.

If Google stadia comes in at $20, they will have to. Gonna be hard to beat their 200 data centers and proprietary, wifi-enabled controller.

Yeah I was reading about Google Stadia. sounds pretty good. Just depends on the price. One issue with Shadow is the storage it only has 250GB of storage for each user right now. It does work really smooth on a really low end laptop or an Ipad. I was playing Division 2 the other day on my Macbook Air Pro with all settings maxed out with no issues.