[Finished] PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

I would be neutral on the subject Inigo :wink:

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So um… when you woke up on the new map after destroying the Dark Sun and having Belcara and Tancis sucked into the purple-noise pudding portal, Belcara and Tancis’ corpses were also with you.

'Cause otherwise you wouldn’t get any loots and/or info dumps.

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YEAAAAAAAYAH! GImmus those lewts!

Wake me up in 16 hours!!!


In all honesty, I was fine with just having finished the quest and survived hehe.

So, you’re saying they tasted so bad the portal spit them back out. Now we know evil tastes bad to strange purple portals. I was expecting the Dark Sun to explode like a fireball, I enjoyed the portal twist. And I bet Shar wasn’t very thrilled to see them come flying in thru the portal either.

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im guessing the info dump and any possible phatl00tz will be in the now accessible drow tower. And honestly I wouldnt use any weapons Tancis was using, he kept hitting himself, with crits none the less.

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It’s just a timely reminder that there is always a price to be paid when you seek power. In his case he needed to make sure his health care premiums were fully paid up!!!

Examples of new automation options coming in release 18 of the PF2 ruleset (in beta right now) found here in this video.

Soooooo cool.


So now when I add say a Disrupting longsword to the magus’ character sheet, if the magus has that longsword equipped then it will automagically apply a hidden effect to the magus that’s viewable on the Combat tab of their character sheet in the Effects panel that will handle the disrupting effect for us! And when the magus decides to unequip the Disrupting longsword and instead equip the +1 halberd (for reach) than the effect will automagically be removed!


When the swashbuckler adds a torch to their character sheet’s inventory and then equips the torch it will automagically apply the lighting effect of the torch to the character that we’ll see in the new lighting/vision system interacting with the line-of-sight system! And when the swashbuckler unequips the torch it’ll automagically remove that light from the character on the map!



But is there anything in there about Champion dice???


What about spell penetration? How would that work?

I’m wondering…

There’s no blanket trait or anything that implies “magic resistant” in PF2 and/or FGx.

All Aeons are “magic resistant” in PF2 meaning they have a +1 (or greater) status bonus to all saving throw versus magic. This is precisely what spell penetration is for, defeating (or lowering) that status bonus to saving throws versus magic.

In FGx that means applying an effect to your target, like, “Spell Penetration; SAVE: -1” but you won’t know when to apply that effect to the target until I (the GM) tells you. Metagaming.

There’s no creature type in PF2 or FGx that implies magic resistant. So we either have to test for specific creature types (“IFT: TYPE(aeon)”) or custom labels (“IFT: CUSTOM(Magic Resistant)”).

I tried automating it, by doing the reverse case of raising the DC of the spell by 1 to overcome that status bonus to saves from the “magic resistance”. But, I couldn’t get it to work. I tried all of the following and none worked:

IFT: TYPE(aeon); DC: 1
IFT: TYPE(aeon); PROF: 1
IFT: TYPE(aeon); INT: 2

So raising the DC of spells by 1, raising the proficiency bonus of the caster by 1, or raising the INT (in the case of the wizard) by 2 to get a bonus of 1 to the DC. No joy.

I also tried using “IFT: CUSTOM(Magic Resistant); DC 1” along with the other variants (PROF, or INT). No joy.

TLDR: we can’t create an effect to add to Vani to simulate Spell Penetration all the time, but during combat we can add an effect to the appropriate targets at the appropriate time to do it.

Never gonna happen again. That ship has sailed.


I’ve given up trying to judge when the module is going to end and y’all are going to ding level 5, but it could be this week. Or not. I dunno.

If it is this week, we could be ending early. If it’s not this week, we could be ending early the week after.

Regardless, I’ll need two weeks off after we finally finish this module to prep the next one. There’s wilderness hexploration shit in number two. Shit. In number two. See what I did there? Har! I need to learn how to make the maps and run that type of content. I didn’t say “good maps” or “run it well”, just to my poopie standards. See? Poopie? Number two? Har!

So if you make a map and we say “Man, this map is shit” are you going to be thrilled or disappointed? :smirk:

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Here you go: Some inspiration

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I’m not gonna make it tonight. We have a family situation going on and I will be out of town for a couple/few days. Sorry all
Somebody can play my character.

Hope everything works out, Ryukan.

Well I guess I’ll be on after all because my car is screwed up and had to go in the shop for a day or two. I’ll be on tonight.

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