[Finished] PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

Well this time we caused it, though to be fair the targets tonight were already dead once. I sense a turning point for the party. :grin:



Also, was going on with the Magus’ dice last night?! Talk about on fire! :astonished:

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Yeah I was pretty surprised when my first attack roll of the night was a crit on the big nasty. I was surprised Pikachu when I got another crit later. Give a Magus am overpowered-for-the-level magic sword and watch what happens. The glass cannon is finally getting the cannon part right. It will be even better when we hit lvl 5 and I can boost Constitution for more HP. I should have balanced my stats better to begin with with 2 more points in CON as opposed to INT.

I stole the DM’s rolls for the night it seems :smirk:

On another note, I am making a resolution to not be so negative towards the game in general. Yeah there has been some disappointment and frustration in the campaign, but I have been overly negative lately and my over negativity was affected in part because of the crap start to the year I have been experiencing. Regardless or whether we have good sessions or bad sessions I am resolved to be less negative and take it for what it is…a game. Sure I expect to experience more disappointment and frustration at any given time because Pathfinder, but I’m not gonna let it turn me into a mad Maedhros anymore

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2-3 weeks for end of the module and level 5!

I guess I should there’s going to be a (surprise?) level 4 in there somewhere too…

surprise! we skipped level 4.

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can we level to 4 before tomorrow night ?



I finally figured out Vani’s backstory. I only need to make a really minor change to her character sheet.

Can I swap the 2nd level class feat tomorrow?

well, it was worth a try - hopefully Findywen’s luck holds out for us :smiley:



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I mean, y’all are the Single Encounter Knights®, but…

It is theoretically possible that you’ll finish 3 encounters tonight and thusly end up level 4. So um, eleventh hour, be prepared?

In Soviet Russia, three encounters finish you.

challenge accepted

Meadhros sharpens the blade on his new sword and then tests the edge

Rasinar looks at his shaking hands and wants 16 hours of sleep. Cackle…

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If we want this encounter to be less painful, I would suggest that everyone with decent religion or thievery skills focus on one orb at a time.

Note to self: put more invisible walls on maps…

I got “ghost touch” working too (after a quick trip to the fantasy grounds forums). The automation for creatures pulled from the bestiaries is the culprit, as the automation isn’t parsing the resistances correctly 'cause PF2 has to be special and add new effects to resistances that don’t occur in PF1, 3.X, 4E, 5E, and Starfinder even.

The automation problem comes in because PF2 has lines that read like this on some monster entries:

Resistances all damage 5 (except force, ghost touch, or positive; double resistance to non-magical).

It’s the “double resistance to non-magical” that the ruleset can’t parse, and it messes up the effect it places on the monster.

Anyhoo. It’s up to me as the DM to make sure that the appropriate creatures have resistance bypassable by ghost touch and then each character would do:

  1. add the “ghost touch” damage type to the appropriate weapon on the actions tab, i.e. a ghost touch rapier would have “piercing, magic, ghost touch” as it’s damage types or
  2. in the case of say our champion with a blade ally where the ghost touch property has a duration we would add an effect to the character, “DMGTYPE: ghost touch” with the appropriate duration

In case y’all care the proper way to set up a resistance for a creature that has damage resistance except for say ghost touch and force damage would be to place an effect on said creature that looks like this: “RESIST: X all, !ghost touch, !force”. Currently there is no way to create an effect that doubles the resistance to certain types of damage (like non-magical).

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11th hour.

I went to the grocery store this morning and had an epiphany on what to do with the too-much-map-yet-not-enough-encounters coming up soon while driving. Yay!

Now I just have to implement it before tonight.

Remember, y’all are dinging level 4 tonight. Maybe, but doubtful, dinging level 5 the following week! More likely 2, maybe 3 weeks (Single Encounter Knights®) for level 5.

P.S. My 11th hour prep has nothing to do with me restarting WoW Classic in preparation for TBC Classic. Honest.

My copy of the lost omens ancestry guide shipped yesterday, so I also got access to the pdf. I haven’t had time to really sit down with it yet but impressions so far are that it looks really interesting and flavorful but nothing really jumps out at me in terms of being superior or even necessarily equivalent to my plain old elf. In the right campaign though they could probably be a lot of fun. Maybe something to consider for whenever @Rando launches his Friday night strength of thousands campaign.