[Finished] PF2 - Forgotten Realms Heroic Romp (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

And remember, take as much time as you want to ding level 4 tonight…

Queue Dramatic Music…

Welcome to Rando’s Thursday night Maze of emptiness. Where there is no way through unless you physically try walking into each and every wall to see if they are real. And if they are you take 1d6 Bludgeoning damage to your head!!!

Firmly plants his helmet on his Head!!! And Raises his shield…


Well shit, that sounds way cooler than what I had planned.

~furiously scribbles down notes~

Revisiting the topic of learning spells from last night, I just wanted again to put forward the idea that we could pool our spell lists via the Learn A Spell downtime activity. This would really benefit Vani a lot because with the spell book she can know a lot of spells and then via spell substitution swap them out between combats as needed.

So I have a few spells that are also on the occult spell list that I could teach Jade’s familiar (sorry their name escapes me :sweat_smile: ) if the GM permits and if Jade agrees they could share knowledge. Anyway, just an idea I’m fine if anyone disagrees due to rules mechanics or roleplay reasons or whatever.

A couple of other notes:

I’m going to stop learning and memorizing sustained spells. Some of these like Hideous Laughter and Flaming Sphere are really powerful but the Sustain a Spell action is competing with Vani’s meta-magic and also bond conservation that she’ll get later on. She’ll be focusing mainly on a mix of damage and CC types of spells.

I’m kind of on the fence about whether Vani should bother memorizing Dispel Magic. It’s a really important spell but the way the counteract rules work she would have to memorize it her highest spell level for it to be reliable in combat. Better to just go first, I think.

I’m planning to set her up for some counterspell action if possible. There’s not much else for her to do with her reaction anyway except for maybe an occasional shield block.

Because of some things that have previously happened to her, and which I’ll be sharing in her backstory, I’ve made her feat choices such that it is going to be very hard for any enemy spell caster to shut down her spells.

I almost picked up Hideous Laughter as my 2nd lvl 2 spell. I thought it would have been interesting (or at least darkly humorous) to whack an enemy with the sword and then have it hit them with Hideous Laughter for the Striking Spell. But I went with Mirror Image instead for more defense because the Blur spell sucks in Pathfinder.

I finally finished writing Vani’s backstory here.

I hope people like it :grin:

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@Rando so how’s life in Azeroth?

“Work work.”

You did not get it right. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Better question will be, how close to 8:00 tomorrow night before he realizes he has nothing prepared :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Level 5 - and end of the module - in 2-3 weeks.

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Experiencing spotty connection right now. Hopefully it resolves itself before tonight.

So um… level 5 and end of the module for next week. Maybe?

I’m going to need at least a week off after we finish up this module to prep the next one.

Regarding automating Bon Mot, Demoralize, Grapple, Disarm, Tumble-Through, etc

This post on the FG forums illustrates how we could do it mechanically by using the spell action system. Currenlty the PF2 ruleset (which is based on 3.X/PF1 ruleset) doesn’t allow skill checks vs NPC defenses as a means of roll resolution. This is the closest way to get it to work. Keep in mind the caveats that bonuses/penalties to the skill check in question that are applied as effects won’t affect the math at all.

Inigo Sarini needs to pick an alignment…

~whistles innocently~

Just saying. Nothing to read into that.

:innocent: :thinking:

We’ve been doing Divine Lance “wrong”. Regarding alignments from the CRB:

So a Divine Lance fired by a cleric doing “good” damage will damage an “evil” target regardless of whether they are some sort of outsider or whatever. (Some outsiders and undead will have a weakness to alignment damage, but everyone with the opposing alignment trait will take alignment damage.)

The ruleset in FGU does not automatically take into account the alignment of targets when using alignment damage types they should be immune to. We have to do that binary check in our own heads.

Inigo Sarini is a cleric? :confused:

No, he’s going to be a future target of Divine Lance and he doesn’t have an alignment.

I would be neutral on the subject Inigo :wink:

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So um… when you woke up on the new map after destroying the Dark Sun and having Belcara and Tancis sucked into the purple-noise pudding portal, Belcara and Tancis’ corpses were also with you.

'Cause otherwise you wouldn’t get any loots and/or info dumps.

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