[FINISHED] Halloween One Shot - Saturday October 31, 7-11 PM Eastern

I used to run these Halloween one-shot adventures every year, and it is way past time to bring them back.

This year, I’m bringing back a classic that I’ve run before: Chickens in the Mist

This will be run using Savage Worlds on Fantasy Grounds. Pre-gen characters will be provided.

No experience needed. Savage Worlds is a “rules-light” system and is easy to pick up.

You are a group of college students investigating a lead that corrupt local officials and otherwise upstanding members of society are involved in a secret cockfighting operation. Rumors are that they use their power and prestige to deflect local law enforcement from delving too deeply into the illicit operations. A tip directs you to the O’Connor farm.

Pre-Gen Characters

Animal Rights Activist
This character has heard rumors of a cock fighting event out in the woods near the university and has encouraged others to help put an end to this horrible travesty.

Reluctant Hero
A big guy with a big heart. This character doesn’t want to to go, but since they are the only one with a car they talked him into it. They are mostly worried that the others need someone along to keep them from getting into trouble.

Journalism Student
This character works for the university newspaper and thinks that breaking the story of a cock fighting ring would be a great way to jump start their career after graduation, especially if prominent community members are really involved.

Thrill Seeker
This character loves adventure and will do anything for a rush.

Spooky Kid
This character is really into occult stuff and considers themselves a “good witch.” The funny thing is… some of these spells actually work! They are so obsessed with being in tune with the magical realm that they often lose track of the ordinary world. They have had feelings that something is wrong at the O’Connor farm.

I wouldn’t mind playing the Reluctant Hero. Glad to see you bring this back

Still plenty of room for a spooky Halloween adventure.

Don’t be a chicken!

Normally you have to many ppl trying to join but this time its crazy

Well I know I probably would have signed up but have a Starfinder game scheduled to start that day.


Ditto that, I am interested but I have the Starfinder thing going on Saturday like Mithinar.

If y’all want we could postpone the Starfinder start 'til the following week.

Grapper knows how much I love Savage Worlds, hence why I’m not joining. :grin:

If the Starfinder gets postponed I’ll definitely be up for this. I won’t be home that weekend, but I’ll have my laptop with me and it can handle playing some ttdrpg.

Well It looks like rando did move the start to the following Saturday. So I’ll sign up and I guess I’ll volunteer to be the Spooky Kid.


Sounds good. There is a new version of Savage Worlds, so I’ll need to brush up on the version changes. :slight_smile:

Sign me up as well, not quite sure which character I will play yet.

OK I’ll play the Animal Rights Activist unless someone else has a burning desire to do that character.

“Won’t someone think of the cocks!”

So far we have:

Dacheese - Reluctant Hero
Mithinar - Spooky Kid
Ryukan - Animal Rights Activist

two spaces still available

:hatching_chick: :hatched_chick: :rooster: :skull_and_crossbones:

Making this post from my phone because my damn laptop just died on me. I don’t know what is wrong with it. Sorry to be a party pooper but I won’t be able to play tonite.

Bummer :frowning: