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Hello my fellow testers, I hope everyone is having as much fun with this game as I am. So as we are down to a few days left, I want to use this thread for everyone to post things they have or plan to give the Developers feedback on, things you would like to see changed or implemented to the game.
That way others can give that feedback as well.

Here is a couple I have already given feedback on.

Increase Company member limit 50 is to small, We currently have 80+ OTGers playing and had to make 2 companies.

Allow houses to have potted plants or garden areas to grow cooking supplies.

When you kill an animal you should have first rights to harvest it, or allow it to be harvested by all who hit it.

Stop the pain trains, meaning the Aggro should not switch to closest person to the mob, I have had many people run by me out in the wild dragging multiple mobs on me while i am fighting something else.

Mobs should have aggro range decreased the higher level you are to them, i shouldn’t have level 5 wolves going out of there way to attack me over level 20

those are a few of the ones i have given feedback on please post yours below so others can post the mas well.

Regards, Ed

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1: Either split shield off as its own skill, or better, give axe its own shield tree balance to not make the combo over powered.

2: At high level, Companies should have the ability (through a Company questline) to become “Free Companies”. They can then be hired by other companies (under contract) to fight for their faction. Cities controlled by “Free Companies” would be “Free Cities” and do not belong to any faction.

3: I second the call for a fix on agro trains.

4: Seconded also on skinning rights.

5: Attack/Defence animations - You must be able to stop said thing. Getting locked in is a problem. Especially for PvP.

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Haven’t had a chance to get to a high level or join any companies or groups but I agree with

  1. Aggro Trains

  2. Aggro against very low level mobs

  3. Skinning rights

  4. From crafting Have an option to do away with the long wait to craft items. When turning pelts into leather or fibers into fabric, it just runs the number and move along without an animation for each one. Would be nice to have an option to do the same when crafting 50 swords. Just make them, show me my new weaponsmith level and I will look at them in my inventory. I don’t like waiting for them to be made one at a time.

  5. Be able to choose faction without having to first run quests for the other two. If you want the XP and like running quests, then you have that option, but if you know where you want to be and just want to get on with it, it would be nice to have the option.

  6. XP from resource gathering, seems to be all over the place. one instance I’m cutting down a tree and I get 10 xp, the next cutting the same size and type of tree I get 75 xp. On my second toon (had to switch servers to Inkwell) anytime he harvested he was getting 150 xp per harvest even if it was a small plant, made lvl 30 in harvesting well before lvl10 and I wasn’t even trying. The other gathering skills would only give somewhere between 8 and 40 xp for a long while. Seems bugged but maybe I’m missing some gathering mechanic at work.

Overall though game is pretty great, love the classless system and being able to grind experience with different weapons.

I will ask all of our family guild here that when doing your feedback, this game was originally a hardocre PvP that has changed and is working to be much more PvE friendly. So keep that in mind and try to think of solutions if your able. As well as make sure you look at other feedback where it concerns PvP. I know and understand most do not PvP , but consider if their feedback/concerns would bother you if you did take part. I say this because it helps if we are all giving feedback and resounding the same messages.

In no particular order.

1- Consider increasing company size from 50 to 100

2 - A company storage

3 - While the independent storage for provines was understandable for the pure PvP with direction change to PvE a bit of shared storage with provinces would be nice improvement. My suggestion would be 3 bordering provinces share storage. I.E First Light, Cutlass Keys, and Monarch Bluff share storage between the three then Windsward, Everfall, and Brightwood share storage.

4 - Double peoples storage capacity in towns. Crafters do not have nearly enough storage by far. Even with the chest you can put in houses. At least not as far as I have leveled and seen.

5 - Agro needs to be worked on. I suggest an actual Agro list for mobs.

6 - Get taunt back in the game

7 - Slow the speed down some on Hatchet to bring it more in line with other weapons

8 - Obviously more optimizing needs to be done

9 - When a company buys a settlement for 10k either A) For a second settle the company must fight for it ( no buying of second one) or B) the second settlement a company tries to buy should cost 75k gold. It should reflect price jumps same way as trying to buy a second house.

10 - Restrict in game voice chat to only groups and companies. Very bad idea to have voice chat just open. I have already heard and been told to suck peoples D*** in game through voice chat. Unacceptable. When it is voice there is no way for a GM to be able to verify chat logs and deal with the issue.

11 - Remove the ability to be stagger locked a.k.a Stun locked

12.1 - Raid groups need to be added. You want over world raids but have only made single grouping possible. We need the raid grouping possible.

12.2 - player useable markers when in group or raid. I.E. stuff as simple as circle, triangle, and square would work. We need to ability to mark mobs, people, and even ourselves with markers to signify to others things like Follow this person, focus on this target, secondary target focus etc.

13 - I will not put content here as I know you are working on it. I will say instead you need to go back and add variety to the quests you do have in the game.

14 - Living world truly representative of the world and its factions. I.E I should see wolves killing rabbits near them. Gators should kill skeletons or undead that are near them or vice versa. Things like this actually make your world feel much more alive.

15 - No trading again made sense in purely Pvp. You have now switched and want Pve people playing please put in the ability to trade. You have not prevent anything by not having it. People simply find a hiding spot and drop things on ground for trading.

16 - More tiers of weapons and gear. Make every 10 levels new tier of gear. 20 steel, 30 starmetal, etc. 60 ( your max level) needs to have its own tier of weapon and gear.

17 - Player create chat channels. ( can make it sore that chat channels are still restricted to faction)

18 - Some sounds in game need to be tweaked. Like the deer with their screams when you agro… tune that down a bit in sound as it honestly hurts my ears badly if I am standing beside them. Also maybe add some variety here. Like do not have all undead making the same exact sound. I do not know how intensive this would be for you, but maybe 4 or 5 different sounds each mob can make to give some variety.

19 - Removing the panting the character does. This actually gets very annoying especially when you will pant even from walking.

20 - PvP - The wars. You really need to consider a barrier that prevents defenders from entering the attackers war camp. When people die there needs to be a safe spot they are able to re-group and re-strategize. Allowing defenders inside and able to just keep killing people the moment they spawn in is going to drive some folks away from this quickly.

21 - Either consider removing the stacking limit on potions or have potions auto refill slot if you have them in your inventory.

This is all I can recall right off first thing in the morning before I have had coffee. If I can think of or remember more will come back and add to.

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Great post Edz. I am LOVING this game. So many of the mechanics are so well done. Here are some of my suggestions. I’ll add to this.

Company improvements:

  • bank: We need company banks/storage. Multiple tabs, ability to restrict access to tabs, quantities withdrawn, etc.
  • Increase company size. Would love to see increased to 500 .
  • A chat channel for companies to communicate. Whatever size is, if a guild needs more than one, they need to be able to have common chat between them.

More Storage:

  • As a crafter you can never have enough space, especially in town storage. In my storage I have so many types of motes, wisps, etc, Crafting reagents Flux, tannin, sandpaper, etc Gems of various levels, crafting attunements, food items, armors, weapons, etc, that I don’t even have space for the actual crafting items: lumber, ingots, hides, linens, etc. I’d like to be able to have at least a stack of 500 of each of those in addition to all that other stuff.

Currently we have to divide up our crafting into different towns. Traveling around to place the right crafting materials in the right town and to travel to those towns to craft and make sure you have ALL the required materials is insane! And add into the mix early game where you have to know what towns have which stations upgraded, its painful!

I’d like to see all the town storage increased, at least, to 3 times what they are now.

I’d like to have a shared storage between ALL my towns where I can, at least, keep my reagents (sand paper, flux, tannin, solvents, etc)

At a minimum I’d like to be able to share storage’s between the different tier towns (low, medium, high).

Increase Azoth maximum. All this mandatory jumping around to craft causes me to burn all my azoth.

Transaction Logs:
Guild transactions logged: money added and taken. When we have guild bank same info.

Housing configuration:
Ability to see friends houses or default highest person houses in town instead of always person with highest house score. If multiple friends in one type of house, friend with highest score is displayed.

If mobs are chasing a person, they shouldn’t peel off and attack you because they ran past you. Also, immunity from mob attack when harvesting a node. This would mean you have to be out of combat to start harvesting a node. (of course if you are in combat you can’t start harvesting to escape the mob).

Inventory sorting improvements:
I want to be able to sort by item type and by level within type. Like see all my dyes so i can grab them to dye my armor. Or all my gems grouped together and sorted by tier so i can quickly see what i’m after.

Quest log:

  • We need to be able to delete any quest from any zone.
  • We need to be able to pin more than 3 quests at a time.
  • I would like to see quests appear on the map whether they are pinned or not

Storage Storage and more Storage
Having played enough hours to accumulate a TON of stuff, i feel storage is extremely limited. With all the reagents (which weigh too much): sandpaper, tannin, sand flux, oil, solvents, etc, plus all those special items you collect and can add to crafting an item, plus this, that and the other thing, i had absolutely no room for actual crafting materials like stacks of the various woods, metals, leathers. I didn’t store extra armor or weapons, there just isn’t enough storage.

For example, if i go out and get a bunch of starmetal ore i can’t process it (which greatly reduces weight) until i craft enough steel. So i need to be able to store several hundred steel. And there are many examples like this. Same goes for woods, hides, fiber… you have to process it immediately to bring down weight, but you have to store it until you can go out and get reagents.

Unless the undocumented ‘plan’ is for us to use different cities to store and craft different types of materials, which is a pain in the butt with limited transportation systems, there just isn’t enough storage.

I would say storage in each town should be increased 3 fold minimum and all the reagents weight should be reduced greatly.

Also we need much better sorting of storage. I want to be able to see all my dyes together, or all my gems for example. I’d like to be able to sort on gems, separated by cut and uncut, and sorted by level within each of those categories. How about sorting cut gems by stats?

I’d like to see some kind of armor set area with separate folders/rooms/? for sets of armor. For example i’d like to be able to store a mining set, havesting set, lumberjack set, general luck set. Not to mention light, medium, and heavy sets. And weapons with each set.

Very important: I want to be able to somehow lock items in storage so i don’t accidentally sell them. Its convenient that we can post anything from storage to the trading post, but dangerous. Maybe all armors and weapons should be exempt from this ability? So for armor and weapons you have to move them to your personal inventory in order to list it to sell.

I feel like the current storage system forces an on-demand kind of mentality where i can’t store up wood for furniture, but rather have to go out and get it and use it by crafting immediately otherwise the sandpaper, metals, and wood for making furniture will just take up too much weight. I don’t like that. For example, I was making storage boxes for the guild but would run out of sandpaper. So i’d have to go loot chests. Well i got more than sandpaper, tannin’s an stuff i will use later. The weight adds up way too quickly.

Shared Storage: I’d like to have a shared storage between ALL my towns where I can, at least, keep my reagents (sand paper, flux, tannin, solvents, etc) There is nothing worse than using azoth to port to a town to make something for a guildie only to realize you forgot a key ingredient. I’d love to have access to all my storage from any town. Store my oil in Weavers Fen, my Star Metal and Wyrdwood in MourningDale, etc and be able to craft from wherever. I’d like to hear an explanation of why storage is the way it currently is.

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I uninstalled the game. My feedback is, not interested.

Negative feedback isnt what i was looking for, you can keep that to yourself.

Here is what I sent in;

There needs to be more pvp options, fort assault/defense and open world consensual pvp isn’t enough. Possible solution could be having objectives on the map we could fight over while being flagged that give bonuses to factions could help. Also the standard arena/battlegrounds etc…

Being able to switch between weapons faster needs to be adjusted. As it stands now it takes too long and sometimes doesn’t even work. I am not a fan of the shared cool downs either but I as a pvper I do understand why it’s in place. The combo’s you could pull off in a small scale could stun luck less experience players and turn them off from the whole experience. Maybe look into some way to reduce cool downs overall but I do agree they still should be shared to some degree.

Let me first say that I love the physics in this game, as a pvper I do not think players should be able to hide in the back and shoot arrows etc… . through other players. That said, line of sight i.e. hit boxes needs to be adjusted. If I have clear line of sight over someone’s shoulder or under their weapon I should be able to shoot pass them. Maybe adjust the hit box of the players closer to fix this but range players shouldn’t be penalized if they have clear line of sight.

  1. Aggro tables this is very important not just for fixing training but if they want their dungeons and raid bosses to work properly. Also a ui indicator of how much aggro you have on a mob could be useful.

  2. Harvestable crops in housing even if they put a limit on them to stop people from going over bord and making getting certain food too easy. Also for houses that don’t have backyards their should be craftable flower pots and boxes.

  3. The amount of crafted housing items is disappointing its all different colours of the same things with some exceptions like bookshelf’s that have different stuff on the shelves. Id like to see allot more crafted housing items the amount of housing items in general makes housing feel like an after thought.

  4. No towns in the higher zones this felt very disappointing i felt the the bigger more extravagant towns should have been in these zones. especially the beautiful zone with the blue and red trees. Nicer more expensive housing to buy maybe Victorian homes. In all the towns i seen maybe 3 or 4 varying types of houses that seemed like the same thing only with minor changes.

  5. Changes to storage Their needs to be better organization on the storage as well as a search function to find things more catagories like food, potions, resources, motes, special crafting items ( the ones that add bonuses to your crafting) exc.

  6. Id like to see A better guild system to make guilds feel more important rather then their sole purpose to be just fighting over towns. A whole guild perk system earning points and using said points to unlock perks. Like guild storage, guild buffs and a instanced guild hall with various amenities that can be unlocked using perk points. A fair point system that allows small guilds to earn points based on guild size so big guilds don’t become over powered. Yes were will probably be a large guild at the start but as interests change the guild might not stay as big.

  7. Id also like to see mounts added since their is allot of running around especially from town to town. Horses and donkeys. Or at the very least id like to see caravans added as a travel option you can hire as a fast way to travel between towns with a storage to help move stuff between towns. Maybe even eventually buy various horse and ox drawn wagons with various storage sizes that you check into a stable in each town to get from town to town.

  8. Oh yea and a very important one! The ability to cancel an animation by dodging. Most games that use the animation lock combat stile have a way to get out of the animation if you really need to. This doesn’t take away from the challange because you are doing less damage and your skill is now on CD if you cancel out of an animation. It allows all skills to be more useful especially ones with along channelling animations instead of making you a sitting duck in pve or pvp. If they don’t want to add it for all abilities they at least need to take a look at certain abilities with long animations especially staffs to make these weapons more of a viable choice.

I seen it mentioned that wolves should kill rabbits exc but problem with that is then their will be no rabbits to kill for quests because the wolfs will have killed them all. Maybe if they “sometimes kill rabbits” like kill 1 Rabbit every x amount of time it could be viable but the wolves and rabbits are always so close together then if they just killed them all the time their would be none left.

If i think of more ill add them later.

First of all, I would like to say I love the game and I believe it will be a major success in the MMORPG space. I have not seen a better game come out in at least years. This is just a starting rough draft:

I know there are a lot of little bugs in the game, but give AGS a break. It only took Blizzard 15 years to fix the mining animation stuck bug fixed. Just keep reporting the bugs so they know what needs fixed.

On to my main list of concerns for the game so far and in no particular order:

The company size is way too small. As of tonight, We have 87 in two guilds. ASG might want to consider bumping up that guild size limit to 100-250. Speaking of guilds, there needs to be guild storage so guild leadership can better manage all aspects of crafting.

There needs to be a way to have secure player trading in the game. It is too easy for someone to walk by pick up items off the ground when players are trying to trade.

Will there be an in-game mail feature? An in game mail system could help with player trading.

Within the first few hours of start of the preview event, all the settlements had been claimed. Some companies even claimed more than one town. If a company is to have more than one settlement, I suggest adding a 0 in the gold amount for each additional settlement. Examples: 1st one - 10,000 gold, 2nd one - 100,000 gold, 3rd one 1,000,000 gold, etc.

Something needs to be done with the graphics/sounds of the fire staff. There is way too much sound and intense graphics going on with the AoE spell. Maybe a solution here would be to have an option for players to turn off other player’s weapon effects and/or sounds.

Character panting sounds. That needs removed or an option to shut it off.

Report player/company name option. There are a lot of players and some companies with very inappropriate names.

I love the town board for doing territory quests. There needs to be more variety of type of quests as well. An example would be running around the zone delivering messages from one NPC to another.

The game needs more weapon options. Pistols, daggers, 2-handed axes to name a few. Example, the hatchet uses STR & DEX to figure damage, please allow the hatchet user to be able to use the shield.

The agro pain train needs eliminated. While I love this game, I’m not sure how long I would play it as my main game when I’m constantly having to deal with other players using agro trains to “dump” mobs on to players to ninja resources out from under the player that got there first. Maybe locking the resource to the player who got there first until that player moves 10 feet from the resource would help?

Reduce the spawn time on oil. Having to wait 12-17 minutes for a node to reappear isn’t fun.

Have tannin, solvent etc drop a lot more often. Tannin, for example, seems to be in very tight supply.

Well, that is a good start for now on what I would submit as feedback to ASG.

Hope that helps.


I would like to see the rest of the weapons added in game and a future test/review to experiment with those weapons. Armor also but really would like to see a fast Kryss/Dagger vs a Halbard.

First, I hope this feedback is being edited and collated and sent to the Devs as our Guild’s input. Otherwise this is a pointless excersize.

1: We know that adding the shield skill tree as is to the hatchet would be OP as hell. A shield tree does need to be added to Axe (Hatchet) but it needs to be tweaked to not be OP.

2: We need a wider supply of weapons and variations. (And more interesting trees for skills). Two handed swords, One handed Battle Axes, Two Handed Axes, Halberds, Rapiers (Blocking and pieircing damage relying on Dex)

3: Lets just say it. We need mounts or a better form of fast travel. Even if its just a mule for carrying supplies.

4: Guild Housing. It would enable us to do trades in a safe place. Even if it is a player house with guild permissions.

5: Public events. Sound alarms and have mobs attack an area at random. Make players have to defend a town they have taken. Man the gates and defences. If they lose the town they lose the town.

6: I have said it before … Guilds or in this case "Company’s need to have a quest line at high level where they can become a “Free Company” who is not aligned with any faction, but they can be “hired” by other Company’s to fight for them. If said free company breaks the contract, they take a hit of some kind.

more ideas?

Thats the link to the feed back post i created on the New World forums.

BTW I suck at google docs :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed my time in New World a lot. When I exited game play, only once was I taken by to in survey.
I was able to echo much of what was discussed in Discord, such as, larger company, company storage, fix aggro, ‘stuns’ in PVP not ‘legit’.
Crafting inventory truly must be larger with separate section for our keepers for an accidental sell doesn’t occur.
More Weapons
one-handed weapons need the shield.
I Loved running with guildies in PVP. Made it awesome and a change of heart for PVP in general, but specifically, if we could plan ‘raid’ night.
How would specific ‘crafters’ be scheduled, if that were possible. Was great to have so many different people able to craft a wide range of items.
I look forward to playing again.

Heres my 2 cents worth.

  1. Hatchet does not need to have shield added. it seems to be meant as a pure dps option so the only change I would have for it is to be able to dual wield hatchets.

  2. when a mob is aggroed on someone it should not change targets for any reason unless someone else attacks them. I get tired of gathering a resource and have some jerk run over and dump his mobs on me so he can steal the resource.

  3. Need more storage at least 3x. I kept mine filled the entire time in the density test and the preview. and it would be nice to change to a tab system in storage.

  4. Please make the town storage shared thru all the towns. at the very least make it so its shared among any town of your faction.

  5. Resources need to be per person like the crates and such. trees/rocks are fine. But when you have 10k people all trying to harvest herbs/hemp, iron and so on it gets to be aggravating. I had to wait until the last 2 days to be able to get hemp/iron without a battle.

  6. need more weapons. yes i would love to see dual pistols/hand crossbows. greataxes (2h) , halberds and so on. and more skins so they can all look different.

  7. increase company size. 50 is wayyy to small. should be around 500 or at least 250 since there are some guilds such as OTG that have over a 1K players , when eso came out we had 2 guilds cuase we had more people playing then they allowed in a guild.

  8. the ability to drop any quest at any time. I had quest from rival towns and I wanted to drop them. but could not

  9. an auto salvage option when crafting. It can be limited to white items only. Its a royal pain to salvage 1 at a time when you just made 80 picks.

  10. Housing needs to make the furniture usefull. Cabinets should allow you to store stuff like potions and food. a weapons display that you could put weapons in, a Armor stand you can put armor in so you can see them. and yes pots/planters to allow us to grow crops/herbs.

  11. PvP look at Dark age of Camelot and set it up like that. large open world section for battles for gateway keeps/relics, and small battlegrounds where peeps can go in and fight for a central fort and small towers and such. maybe make it so whatever faction has those gets a small buff. I loved the RvR battles in Daoc and hope you can do a good followup.

  12. Trophies. need to make it so we have some way to see what buff they are actually giving us. I had one that said it buffed my lumbering. but I did not see any change.

  13. Make resources spawn faster. lumber/rocks seemed good but the others are too slow. oil in particular

14 Need to have oil in more then 1 zone.

  1. yes we need company storage. and it would be nice to be able to have a company house. and make it so companies can have a billboard there to do quest for the company itself and give bonuses we can earn.

  2. increase the azoth storage its way to small. also need to make it easier to get and cost less to port. I played the entire preview and the last day I hit the cap for azoth. I had not used any of it.

  3. Mounts ohh god do we need mounts. and it would be kewl to be able to have a mule/horse and cart for extra carry weight. so we can get a small packmule that adds 200 carry weight and then large mule and finally cart.

  4. Need to have a trade function for between people.

  5. need a way to craft the tanin, solvent and so on. or make it drop more and reduce its weight some.

  6. when you kill a mob only you should be able to skin it for 2 or 3 min. I hate killing something and have someone else run over and skin it.

  7. staves need better targetting. Make the cursor larger and maybe allow us to change the color. I was constantly shooting and missing cuase the cursor was not where i thought it was. i would lose it alot in the little white plants on the ground.

  8. Potions need to have the stack size increased. 10 is too small. can we get 50 ?

  9. player made chat channels would be awesome

  10. look at the old games like Dark age of camelot for you pvp, and Istaria for your crafting and grab the best of both games so you can make this one awesome. I loved it so far we just need some tweaks to make it better.