Farewell to my BFF Watson

Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision and say good bye to my best friend Watson. I had him for 15+ years. Saw him through 3 major surgeries. I just could not put him thorough a 4th at his age, when the emergency room Vet told me he had some cancer growths that was causing the sack around his heart to fill with fluid. I cried before , during and I am still crying now.

He was and will continue to be loved by me.

I figured I might as post some pictures of him so that I can wander back now and then when I am on the site when not at my home PC.

This is him at as a puppy, where he let me know he was always going to be watching me.

This one I always mentally captions " One of us is going to have a lot of fun, and it isn’t going to be him:

Out Resting after a invigorating walk…

Those where the then, these are the now:

Still Watching you and still having fun with you…

Resting after a short walk now…

Rest in Peace My puppy Watson

With all my Love,


My man, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your pupper Watson. I feel your pain and I know how you are feeling. Losing them sucks, but we are better for having them in our lives.

So sorry Mithinar. Losing a fur baby is so painful. Take care.

Sorry for your loss, Chris. :frowning:

Aww, sorry to hear that. I love his smile! Its so hard to lose them. RIP Watson :blue_heart:

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I’m so sorry for your loss, Mithinar. Rest In Peace, Watson. Hugs. Mid.

Sorry for the loss of your companion.

Sorry to hear about Watson. May God console you.

Its never easy when time runs out, but they are precious nonetheless. You had him from his puppyhood through to his cranky old man stage but so much love and joy the entire length of that time.

My sincerest condolences for his loss, but just remember, he is probably still shadowing you no matter where you go. I still sometimes hear my two boys who passed over that rainbow bridge after 17+ years with me. There will be times when his soul will come visiting you.


:face_holding_back_tears: I am so sorry.

What a sweetie. Cherish all the good times you had with him. So sorry for your loss.

Very sorry to hear about the loss of your buddy. Been there a couple of times in my life… sincerest condolences.

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Thanks for all the well wishes. The thread helped me immensely today when I went back to work. Every time I felt like tearing up I looked at the pictures I posted and it helped overcome my dwelling on how he looked on Tuesday night and focus on what and how he looked at his best.

I’ll still be crying for a while I know. But at least I can get through work without becoming a basket case .



Hey buddy. I am very sorry for your loss. You gave him a great life full of love and friendship, and you were totally selfless by letting go , because you didnt want him to suffer. That is love, and I salute you for making that incredibly hard decision on his behalf. I had a jack russell named Sparky that I had to let go, because he was suffering. Super hard to do so, but his quality of life was really bad and I loved him. Dogs really enrich our lives, and love us unconditionally. In turn, we enrich their lives. Their company is a gift, and I agree with lynnspottery. I believe they watch over us, until we can reunite again. Until then, remember all the good times you had together. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers, buddy.

P.S.-If you want to talk about it, or just talk, give me a call. I am gonna DM you my number.

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Our four legged family members are ALL love. Memories forever.

Saddened for your loss.

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You are allowed some time to be a basket case. If anyone tried to tell me I couldn’t be a basketcase after two of my dogs died last year I would have given them a piece of my mind.


Well yeah. I just have to keep the basket case out of work hours is all. I still have to pay the bills…


My wife and I have had dogs through out our 45 year marriage. I have found that there are a couple of thoughts that help me through those times when I lose one. First, it is a quality of life issue. They do not understand why they hurt, they just look to you as the Pack leader to fix it. Many times that fix is a quick release (and I had to put my last BFF down a year ago) Second, it is never easy, it is not supposed to be easy but it is necessary. Finally I always ask myself when faced with the choice of putting them through the pain and eventual failure of yet another operation; am I keeping them alive for them or for me. You did the right thing, the only thing. Maybe, knowing that it makes it a bit easier to live with the aftermath.


I’m So Sorry for your lost :broken_heart:

Rest in peace friend of my friend