Fallout 4- Anyone Giving this a Second Play Through?

I started a replay of Fallout 4 in July, after a 2 year break and am having a blast with it! This game still chokes me up. Nuclear Armageddon, you and your family are lucky enough to get into a vault, then you see your spouse murdered and child stolen, and you wake up from a cryo sleep into a post apocalyptic world to discover 200 years have passed. This is some heavy stuff, if you project yourself into the character’s position.

There is also the happy ending option if killing off all of the factions except one bothers you as it bothered me.

Some things have changed regarding what mods are available, and now they are managed, as compared to 2015-16, but not too bad figuring that out.

I have discovered a couple of F4 mods, I’m excited about Sim Settlements and Rise of the Common Wealth. They are tied together I believe by the same authort, the latter allows you to assign a citizen to build up a settlement for you. They are impressive, and work well with some caveats, but basically that the latter can completely develop a settlement for you, or all you to add exterior and interior plots for the categories such as residential, agricultural, commercial, security with a minimum of fuss, in much more interesting configurations that you most likely would do building your own. And it’s pick and choose, you can still micromanage and develop the settlement you want, turn a settlement over to the mod for a complete build, or add individual plot modules.


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2nd? uhm i have over 1300 hours on it. then i played fallout 76 for awhile.


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I got distracted by another game about 1/2 way through my 1st playthrough. I keep it installed & updated so am meaning to get back to it (will have to start from the beginning) but never seem to find the time to commit to it. So many other games to play, so many other grinds that need to happen…

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How did you find Fallout 76?

After a few patches it’s pretty good. It’s fallout 4 as multiplayer. Not an MMO is MO. Most people including me just played it solo and it was surprising how much like FO4 was except for occasionally running into someone esle. It was buggy as all getout at first but now it’s not bad. I have 76 on the PS4 so I never saw the major issues that the PC players had on launch.

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Does it have the depth that Fallout 4 had? I realize because it is an online game, you probably can’t set off a nuke to wipe out a faction. :wink: What about support of settlements? While I can see building your own settlements, I don’t see anything like F4 where you are setting up 20 settlements, and equipping residents with armor and weapons.

Being the only real person in the F4 solo game gives the player unprecedented options and choices to carve out the landscape as they see fit.

Here is a good article about Fallout 76: https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/280848-fallout-76-magnifies-everything-wrong-with-fallout-4

76 has npc’s but they aren’t human. All the humans that left the vault (which held 200 people but of which there are only 25 per server) are players. Your quest givers are Robots, notes found, computer terminals etc. You can build but it’s your portable camp that you can either save the template for and just move to another place; or you can just rip it down and transfer pieces of it or start over from scratch. there are some interesting camps out there. No there are no settlements to maintain or deal with. You have some factions but once again you’re dealing with Robots etc. And you will be nuking things. it’s require endgame. No official modding at this time. And yes you can kill other players or yourself with a nuke. When a nuke drops, the environment changes. you’ll need to mine pick plants etc. And of course the mutants that are out there will mutate again to bigger badder buddies.
There isn’t any goal like go find your son. There is a find your vault supervisor that left a few hours before you did. In fact everyone just about left before you as you partied to hard the night before and are still lay-abed. The ghouls are still in the game but they’re different. They’re fast and mean. Super-mutants and critters you’ll need to go the virginia folk lore to figure out.
more if you want another time. I need coffee :O)

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Thanks for the info. It might not be a replacement for me and F4. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To be fair it sounds like they are planning to make changes to F76 to make it more like the other Fallout games in terms of story and NPCs in the upcoming November patch.

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What do you consider to be “your” best Fallout 4 ending?
This is also posted in Steam Fallout 4 Discussions

I find myself for the second time at the crossroads of the Fallout 4 Main Quest climax, resolving the future of the Commonwealth. This article is a GIANT SPOILER. If you’ve not played this game and think you might, and you don’t like spoilers, stop right here. :)

Caveat: This is my opinion. Agreement is not insisted upon! :)

There are 4 reputable competing factions outside the realm of raiders, roaming bands of renegade robots, and other riff raft.

  • The Minutemen, whose goal is to rebuild the Commonwealth.
  • The Railroad, whose goal is to provide a path to freedom for persecuted and enslaved synths.
  • The Brotherhood of Steel, the second most technically advanced, and powerful militaristic faction.
  • And finally The Institute, the most technically advanced faction.

Of these 4 groups, I rank them as listed above. The Minutemen is looking out for the overall good of humanity. The Railroad, could easily be an arm of the Minutemen with a specific task of sentient equal rights. The BoS, who in my opinion is too intolerant and wants to flex its muscle a bit too much.

And finally the Institute, the most advanced, is ranked as the least desirable, because those who posses the most, several hundred if not 500 years of technological advances, that could lift humanity up, that could easily transform the Commonwealth for the better, have decided the best course of action is to pull the ladder down, and hide themselves away in an underground complex, while ****ing with those who live above. This is why I regard them as the most despicable faction. No problem, if you disagree with this characterization :)

Most painful to the soul survivor is when he/she (depending on the gender you choose to play) is confronted with the admission by her long lost son, that not only does he now run Institute, but that he had the opportunity to save his parent from cyro storage in Vault 111, but instead decided to just turn her loose in the Commonwealth, to take her chances at survival. I find this completely astounding, damning, a symptom of the severely flawed Institute mindset, and the reason why the sole survivor should not side with them. At least that is my position. :D They don’t even send out feelers and make offers of joint cooperation, it’s a big **** YOU to fellow human beings.

Now this brings me to my major critique of Fallout 4. Yes, it’s just a game, and there are limits to how many choices are available, but I find it inconceivable that Bethesda would contruct this superb game, and try to funnel the player into a position of picking one faction and destroying the others. This statement is not exactly accurate, because the scenarios as laid out in the game, as a general statement, allows for 2 of the 4 factions to survive. But that is just the first part, and btw, it can be mitigated. Keep reading.

The real critique of Fallout 4 is that the only way the Institute’s technology can be saved is to join the Institute. If you choose any other faction, my understanding is the Institute will be destroyed. Please correct me if this is not accurate.

Imagine you are infiltrating the Institute with a strike group. Why the hell, not just take the place over? Why not gather up all of the technical knowledge, save those who surrender and preserve this most valuable of information and this facility? Why the rush to nuke the place? I find this to be the most frustrating aspect of the game’s structure.

And speaking of factions that deserve to exist or not, and although I’m not well versed in the outcome that sees the BoS destroyed, I may explore this outcome. My understanding is that the Minuteman can shell the Prydwn Command Ship. And there is a scenario where the BoS will attack the Railroad. I plan on exploring these scenarios and have set aside a particular save so I can do just that.

However, the first time I completed this game, and now for this second time through, I will first rely on the solution that preserves all 3 factions in a state of relative peace.

I reasoned that I have quite a few synth friends, and that wiping them out as abominations is not acceptable. The BoS is intolerant of synths, gouls (who are intelligent and peaceful, if not feral), and super mutants, but it’s not their fault! :)

My reason to chose to allow the BOS to live is that regarding the Virgil and Paladin Dance scenarios, that it seems possible to change some minds in the Brotherhood, and that as the second most powerful faction in the game with their own technology, it might not be a good thing to rush into eliminating them.

So once again I’m relying on the strategy described in this video to save 3 of the factions and pop out on the other end with three factions, maybe not the best of friends, but are not warring with each other?


And after that, I will resurrect the crucial save and experiment. I’m mostly interested if I can get through the Mass Fusion Quest (double cross the Institute), get the Blind Betrayal Quest (hunt down Paladin Dance to kill or save him. I’d save him, and I want to see if I can still choose the Railroad, Underground, Undercover Quest, but this might lead to the destruction of the Brotherhood or the Railroad, or at least devastating attacks on them. If forced to choose, I’d have to go with the Railroad because I have several synths in love with me, and the feelings are returned, lol. ;)

I want to see what kind of a response I get to this post. And having posted this, I have another solution which will be in my next post.:smiley: