FAKE Windows 11 upgrade installs info-seeking malware


Hackers are luring unsuspecting users with a fake Windows 11 upgrade that comes with malware that steals browser data and cryptocurrency wallets.

The campaign is currently active and relies on poisoning search results to push a website mimicking Microsoft’s promotional page for Windows 11, to offer the information stealer.

Why you’d want to upgrade to windows 11 I have no idea but you can do it through Windows Update on your PC

I’m not about to upgrade to 11 for sure. Besides windows 10 maintenance window on my pc already says my pc does not meet the spec requirement to upgrade…which works for me just fine.

I posted this because I wanted to make sure folks who sometimes just google download sites, knew about this. My own sister did something similar several years ago and I told her to always go to the actual software site offering the program and not a third party site.

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Something interesting for people who want to do this change to W11. Seems that only the ‘Pro’ version allows you to have a local login. If you use W11 Home, you are forced to create a MS account.

M$ pressure you into that all the time even new win 10 installs force you to create a cloud login bah one of the first things I do is create a local account and disable it just don’t use the store . I mean who wants a pc that won’t log in if your internet is down.

I just recently built a new pc using a 12th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-12900K now this puppy has too many cores for windows 10 to configure properly and am current only running at 80% efficiency or so. Looks like windows 11 will be on my desktop soon and I will be spending a week removing all of M$ crap like their browser which keeps coming back and asking you to make it your default browser even though you have told it not to bother every second day.

Yea, they are annoying. I had my technician setup my last build with the Windows 10 when it came out and told him to disable anything that is remotely useless. He knows my preferences, so a lot of stuff got sacked or disabled.

being disconnected from the internet won’t prevent you from logging into Windows 10. :slight_smile: I have to be logged in to my Microsoft account to be able to use PC Gamepass

Seems accurate if you have authenticated your M$ account with M$ . It seems that your M$ account will store some credentials on the local machine that will let you log in without internet. You will have difficulties if you have never logged in with the M$ account while the internet exists.
This has been an issue for years with users having to jump through hoops and loops without internet but has definately got easier.
The days of having to boot into safe mode and reset network settings to be able to change wireless settings for instance are gone
Obviously you still cant use the store or other online services without the internet